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Migrating NAS - Compatibility

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Had a brownout and our 4 bay Netgear RND4000 now won't power on; but I'm *guessing* the drives are fine.


I know Netgear has a proprietary X-RAID that was in use with this NAS.


My question is, if I buy a new Netgear NAS, say the Netgear RNDU6000 or maybe Netgear RN31600-100AJS (want to move up to 6 bays), will it just be a matter of chucking in the 4 drives and letting it verify?


I believe these newer NASes have a new generation of that X-RAID, and I don't really want to lose that existing data, but at the same time don't want to go through a complex/time consuming restore process.

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Update: Spoke with Netgear, apparently it's not possible to just 'plug the new drives in' to those newer models. They're sending out a replacement PSU.

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