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Windows 8.1 and Wifi Headache

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I have a Hanvon B10 tablet.

It's a capable enough computer, better than my old netbook (Atom processors, eww).


But I decided to pop in a SSD.

And install Win 8.1


After a long and troubled process, I came across some drivers that seem to work in Win8.1.

But it doesn't seem to work properly.


It shows up in network devices as a wireless adaptor, but netsh doesn't show any wlan devices.


Here's a pic:

Posted Image


Any ideas?

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Turns out the solution was to scavenge another pcie card from a dead laptop, put it in and hope that the new half-height card doesn't wiggle loose and also actually works.


Which it does :D

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Nice that you found a solution, I did a brief search and many people had the same problem. Seems the manufacturer of the wireless card never updated their drivers for Windows 8/8.1 so caused headaches.


One YouTube video seemed promising but convoluted, involving doing an upgrade from Win7 to Win8 and slipstreaming the driver in, but if you've just changed it out that's the simplest course :)

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