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DVD creation

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I want to put three 45 minute DVDs together to make one DVD. What is the best free way to do this?

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If it was me, I'd just convert to MP4 - better tech modern codecs generally mean you get 4x or more video of similar quality into the same space.


But if you want to retain DVD structure and compatability with older players which can't play video files then authoring software is what you need.




Take your pick. I've used TMPGEnc's package which is OK but fairly basic insofar as how fancy you can do menus.

I've also used a professional package, can't remember it's name but it was much more capable.


Of course you'd probably first need to do the ripping - all manner of ways to do that. Personally I find using DVDShrink and ripping to a single file without employing further compression works fine.

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