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[SYD] SOGC Retrolan!

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We're back! It's been ages - but we've decided to start running LANs again and we'll be starting off with a smaller, more intimate social do - and some retro gaming too!


Some of the games we'll be playing!


Bomberman - That classic grid-based, explosive game - it's a free for all as you try to explode, burn and trap your fellow gamers


Flatout 2 - The venerable destruction derby racing classic for a lot of Aussie LAN Parties returns for more destructive, speedy mayhem


Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Featuring an all-star cast from various Nintendo games, choose your favourite character and start knocking off your fellow gamers


Mario Kart 8 - The latest in the all-time classic Nintendo racer - and an amazing game for everyone to duke it out on! Not so retro, but in the spirit of retro!


GoldenEye 64 - That classic N64 shooter


For registration and more info head to



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