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old skool 775 e5450 overclocking help pls

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hi everyone, hoping someone can help me achieve a good overclock on my 3.0ghz E5450


i am running semi stable at 3.6ghz but always fails on the last core running pie.. regardless of voltage of the cpu..


motherboard msi p45 neo 3 fr neo 3 fr, 8 ghz of ddr2 800 ram (goes up to 950mhz stable)


thing is, ive spiked the voltage to the cpu, but pumping more into it, makes no diff to the stability at 3.6ghz..


but the other voltages, ive no idea what to roughly set them to,


ram at 2.0v


vcore is at 1.2050

ram is at 2.0


and the rest is on auto





ive got no idea what to set those to.. will they help?


running at 9x410


any help would be great :D

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Been a while since I've run a '775 over stock.


Go conservative with RAM speed/latency, any half decent board should allow RAM speed async with FSB although it'll still be one of a few available fixed ratios. Again, the PCIe settings for the graphics card might come into play as well, conservative there can help keep it out of any instability equation.


IIRC I got my old C2D to decent speed with only minimal VCore increase, in fact might have even been at stock. Don't think I bothered with RAM voltage either, just left at stock.


Find the upper speed limit whilst keeping as many other system components as possible non-stressed. Then knock it down some percentage points and start bringing the other stuff up to higher speeds. Of course keeping an eye on the temps - I still use SpeedFan for monitoring, haven't seen the point going to anything else.

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Thx Rybags, yeah I sold my macpro 3,1 a couple of months ago and then thought, wth, ill wait for the next gen before getting a new system. picked up the cpu from ebay for 30 bucks and it booted straight away with one of them stickers installed. :)


I originally had a wolfie installed in the board and that did 3.8 easy, as you said pretty much of stock everything, except for a decent cooler (true)


possibly this silcon is only gonna go to 3.6.. though I would have liked to see 3.8 at least.. either way, the extra 2 cores make up for the loss of 200 MHz :D


yup ram is linked/synced and is fine. ive even set it to default to rule out the ram instability, but no cigar.


temps are very low at 31/26/32/34 respectively, so that cant be it...




also correction, obviouysly its 9x400 gives 3.6ghz


:) any insights on the vtt., mch? any idea what they should be stock?


funnily enough, the chip boots fine at even 4.0ghz, just not into windows :D

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