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New video capture recommendations?

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If that LG combo is anything like the one I bought about a decade ago, it's pretty mediocre.


Best bet is to find a second hand drive that's either ex-studio, or ex-production or duplication company.

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Capture devices do just that - if one shows the lines and another doesn't then it's just a case of the "doesn't" one having more agressive cropping.


Really, it's no drama to just crop out what you don't want and have it black-filled to preserve AR.


There's all sorts of crap that used to be included in analog transmissions. With PAL the general consensus was around 576 scanlines displayed, of the remaining 49 just under half are VBlank/VSync and some of the remainder were allocated for things like Teletext and there was 1 line allocated as an ID signature to tell TVs if a transmission was intended as 4:3 or 16:9.

VCRs omit the lines that teletext appears in but can pick up spurious other stuff. Like I said, just crop the crap out.

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