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Overclocking i7 920 help

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I am trying to overclock my second machine which I primarily use for FSX.

It has a Gigabyte GA-EX58 Extreme motherboard.

When I do a simple increase on the Bclk up to 160 and then run CPUID it shows it as still being at stock.

But if I go back in to the BIOS it shows 160???

What am I missing here??



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What speeds are you hoping to push?




D0 revision chip?


I have some mild overclock settings saved if you need a screen dump of my bios.

Let us know how it goes!

I was hoping to get around 3.5


Cooling is a Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme Cooler


Ram is G Skill PI Series 3x2 DDR3 1600


CPU Revision is C0/C1


I built this machine back in Mid 2009 and use it mainly for FSX which is a lot more CPU intensive than GPU

hence the reason I want to get it running a bit quicker if possible.


Thanks for the reply Scythe.

A screen dump of your settings would give me a starting point.




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Ive had mine to 4.6 stable on air.

It is a D0 revision though; and I'm using a Noctua C12P. The weakpoints on my mobo were the PWM's which the C12 cooled better than the U12.

With a 'C' series chip overclocking wont be fun. Expect to use a lot more volts than I will have. But yeah I'll throw you a Genie Bios dump when I get home.


I think i'm sitting on 3.4 right now; I never did retune for winter like i normally do.

In summer my computer room gets up to 45degs ambient. Then add in the 3 PCs.

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Hi Trevjo,


Good luck with O.C. I never got around to overclocking my 940 due to various commitments but thinking about overclocking and testing with FSX Steam environment or P3D. Yeh I'm another wing nut, and AirHauler addict!

Hence,I would be most interested in your performance increases when O.C. is stable, and I don't know if you have thought about FSX-SE or P3d yourself? These versions are apparently more stable due to the recompilled code. But all that is another post and chapter by it's self.

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Woah! more than a year bump!

and mean old me, never did get him my BIOS dump, lol.

Oh well, there's tons of overclocking guides for those chips now; just know the volts and temps in their examples will be too low for a 'C' revision chip.


I ran 97*C all day every day, and its still table.

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he says in post 5

"CPU Revision is C0/C1"


And from experience with overclocking in those days, I can guarantee the D0 revision were the perfect overclockers. Needed fewer volts, made less heat.

Not significant, but gets you into the 4GHZ club on a D0, where as on a C revision, you'd often be stopped at 3.7 due to heat (due to needed volts)


here's a discussion where they mention C0 vs D0 a fair bit


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Mine was, 110%!!!!

I run it daily, on air cooling, reaching above 90*C owned it since release day and only retired it about 3 months ago because "I wanted new tech" nothing else.


My settings are actually VERY similar to his "not stable" settings in the thread I posted above; Only mine was stable, because D0 revision.


I DID have to drop it to 3.8ghz for summer, but thats because my house has no insulation and it would reach 97*C which I set as a manual cut off.


made thigns like rendering video, ripping MP3s and more TONS faster.


AT LEAST take it to 3.2ghz, they all do that with stock everything and a BCLK bump to 160.

MAYBE bump the voltages up ONE incriment, but I expect it wont be neccesary

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