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Transfering A Windows Media Playlist To An Ipod

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OK. I don't use Apple software much. I absolutely detest iTunes. My son got given an iPod nano that he loves. I'm in that rock and hard place.


He's got a pile of music in a Windows Media Playlist. I want to transfer it easily.


Right now, I've got nothing.


I just want to get a list. Import it in. DONE.


If people can recommend an alt to iTunes that works and allows me to use it as a drag and drop. That would be a fine alternative.



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IF that doesnt work, because I has issues with ml_pod.dll; MediaMonkey is the perfect companion for huge libraries and ipods. All freeware still :)


Winamp is still my goto player, but mediamonkey handles my LAME -v4 'lower quality' collection for the car (yes i even re-encoded the higher MP3's) with road noise, even in my sound deadened car, you cant hear any negatives.

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