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Kamla Devi Is Harder Than You

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Kamla Devi was was happily carrying home 200 litres of water on her mighty head when a muthafukking giant Leopard decided she was on the menu.


Screaming "These are my beans", in honour of her hero the 56 year old powerhouse leapt onto the massive beast armed only with a small shovel, a blunt sickle and her iron resolve.


And torn it to tiny pieces before standing on a Leopard frag pile roaring like Randy Orton on a meth binge.


Daniel M'Mburugu's spirit of man vs giant monster pussy lives on!



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Well this isn't fair. You're providing a name and background story to the human so we instinctively identifying with the person instead of the leopard.


Let's give that leopard a name. Let's call him Sam.


This is Sam just after his birth:




age 2 months:






This is Sam, aged 2:






This is Sam after the brutal attack that ended his life:





This is Sam's babies who are now orphaned and probably already died of starvation (their mother passed away awhile ago):







RIP Sam.

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Leopards have to taught to respect a man's beans or face the consequences. Thats just the way of the world.


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