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Ereader? Kobo?

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I bought myself a Kindle Paperwhite (Japanese vsn, as I live in Japan) a while back. It's nice. I am not intending getting rid of it. However, it has come to my attention that some books are not available to me as a Japanese resident. Something to do with 'open territiory' epublishing rights, I believe. The specific publisher is Orbit (Sci-Fi & Fantasy), owned by Hachette. Anyway, while they dont allow their books to be sold through Amazon to Japanese residents, it seems Kobo through Rakuten allows Orbit books to be sold to Japanese residents. So I am thinking of purchasing a Kobo. Does anyone have any recommendations? I only want something simple to read books on; I dont need nor want a tablet. I may have to take the Kobo/s sold by Rakuten though. I havent looked into any details yet. I thought I'd post here first to gather opinions.


The other options for getting Orbit books are buying paper books or pirating. Both of which I'd prefer to avoid.



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