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'topic Tags', A Quick Explanation

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Tags work a little differently in Atomic 3.14 compared to 3.0.


The point of the tag is that similar content can be easily found by clicking on the tag. This can be a general theme connecting multiple posts across different forum subsections, a specific niche within one section that has multiple topics (eg tagging 'android' in 'portable & mobile tech', or 'politics' in TGR), or providing a narrative continuity between multiple threads by a single person (eg 'The Adventures of Foods').


The how is fairly straight forward but a little complicated. If you want to do hashtags, feel free to use # as a prefix. The tag will allow spaces. Each tag will stop when you use a comma, or alt-tab or otherwise shift focus from the window.


Also, I'm not sure the tags can be edited once a thread is posted, so glhf.


Also also, while trying to have a quick look to make sure they can't be edited, I stumbled across [url=http://forums.atomicmpc.com.au/index.php/topic/34262-forum-thread-idea-tags/?mode=threaded&pid=689056, from @seehund, so hah.

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