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Corrosion On The Power/dock Port, Iphone 4/3Gs

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I have a replacement phone now, but trying to get my previous two iphones working for the purposes of backups/tradeins/family upgrades etc.


I am 95% sure that the only issue is the corrosion on the 4 and 3GS. I'm just trying to work out the best way to clean/polish them to see if they'll start accepting charge again.


Sitting in the case, it looks like it's a cramped fit to try and get a qtip or something dipped in IPA in there. I bought a bunch of phone tools to pull the cases apart so that, if I can't get them working, I can look at trying to replace the charger/dock plug. The issue there is the screw holding the battery into the 4 isn't coming out and I'm worried repeated attempts to try will just wear it bare. From what I can work out, without removing that screw I can't remove the surrounding bits from the bottom of the phone to then remove the dock/port assembly.



Can't be 100% about residual charge - certainly the batteries are flat enough to not even show the Apple boot logo - but is something like electrical/contact cleaner sprayed into the port, a scrub with a toothbrush, and then spraying it clean with a compressor likely to do any damage, even if it doesn't work to clean it up?

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The only damage likely to come out of all that is moisture from the compressor which could lead to corrosion which you already have so... No not really.


Also I have found that when devices are really, really flat that an kind of USB device, even one that plugs into a wall wart will not do the trick, you need a genuine 240v charger to kick start it. The old mans gen 1 ipod (still going!), my Galaxy 3 tab and a Galaxy Ace belonging to a friend all have charge issues with USB adapted wall warts.

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