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Recently I bought a Toshiba FlashAir SDcard. Combined with my CF to SD adaptor and some software called Snowy, I now have my camera SD card contents copied automatically to my laptop via Wifi.

I have turned my Canon EOS into a Wireless camera. The video, Raw and jpg files are all copied accross.


I started doing some digging and found out that there are no actual Australian Distributers for this item. I made contact with the overseas supplier whom has asked if I would like to be a distributer.

I like the product so much (32gb, Class 10 with non obtrusive wifi easy to setup, fast, works in more than just cameras, supports wireless n - What's not to love?)





Whilst I know that there are competing products out there that do a similar job (this supplier also does the Flucards) this one just seems more polished.


The issue is, I need to order a large quantity of these upfront to be a distributer.


I want to be sure that there is a market out there else, I will have these sitting around for a while.


Are you guys interested ? Especially if I give discounts to Atomic Forum posters? - :)


There are a few other forums I will pose this question in as I want to see what the real market is saying.


My aim would be to have local stock, sort out any warranty issues locally and give local (english) support and hopefully good prices.





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It's an interesting concept, one I looked at before upgrading my 40D to the 6D so for me, there is personally no interest now.


Good luck though. Maybe you could rep for the company instead and get it into established retailers? Saves you having to put down anything up front.

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