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Faulty Drive?

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Hi, Just would like to know why my computer keeps crashing when playing games, as my games are installed on the F Drive and I can't defrag the F drive all the way (It stops at about one third of the way? Or is it the graphics card? As I have used Furmark to stress test the graphics card and it worked fine. Thanks.

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Could be any of a 1/2 a dozen things, but the defrag does suggest a drive problem.


Need a lot more info, but start with a full checkdisk as described here


Applies to XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

If the drive is large (1Tb or bigger) this can take 7 or 8 hours so set it to run overnight if possible.


If the PC is more than a year old also check for dust blocking the CPU cooler and video card cooler, causing an overheat shutdown.

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