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Best way to allow access to certain websites on tablet and other mobile devices

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I have half a dozen different mobile devices, Galaxy NOTE Tabs, Ipads, Samsung Tablets etc etc.

If I wanted to hand those devices out in say a cafe and have the users only be able to browse to certain websites, say "forums.atomicmpc.com.au" what would be the best way to do this?

Initially I am thinking a proxy server, but I have never done this before and was wondering if there are other ways to achieve this on tablets and other mobile devices?


If the simplest solution would be a proxy server, I used smoothwall many moons ago and was going to have a crack with this.


Any ideas / help / pointers would be appreciated.




And if I have posted in the wrong forum, apologies about that and I can repost in another one if ncessary.


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There are literally dozens of ways to do this, but what you need is content filtering running on a gateway; there are TONS of programs to do this on Linux. The low choice option would be a RaspberryPi, and a USB wifi card.


That way, your client deviced Ad-Hoc wifi to the rPi, which filters their stuff, but all your hardwired machines are limit free, as they bypass the gateway and hit the router directly.





Personally, I'd be attacking the 'problem sites' rather than blanketing the whole internet.

For example, if facebook, youtube, and zombo.com are taking all your bandwith; then I'd purchase a router, or make a gateway with basic content filtering and block those URL's specifically. Ive found its less frustrating overall to the clients, but it saves your data use. Some routers can even do 'keyword' filtering. I think my Billion 7800nl can....


a third option is to use a 3rd party DNS server. Like OpenDNS and use their pretty vast 'categories' to block things.


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Thanks for the reply Master_Scythe,


I know it sounds a bit odd, but only allowing access to 2 or 3 sites is what needs to be done.

This isn't a solution for an office or home where access to the internet is required for other client PC's.

It's a project my friend has asked me about.


I have scratched my head a few times as well, but apparently limiting access to only 2 or 3 websites on the network is what he wants to....


I will look into the OpenDNS solution but I think this will still be not enough.


Thanks again.

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Thats fine then; You have 2 ways, one (potentially) free, and one fairly cheap.

If it were me, I enjoy dedicated devices, so I'd go this route.
I'd buy a second wifi router that allowed internet white-listing.
I'd whitelist my sites, and be done with it. Make a public, unencrypted hotspot and walk away.
Catch is, this is a $50-100 device purchase unless you have one lying around (dd-wrt opens up a lot of config too for fancier things).

The second (potentially) free method, is to use, as I said, a gateway box, running something like ClearOS (formerly ClarkConnect). Its super user friendly and 'just works'; but it might be a little over featured.

IPCOP is pretty simple too, and will run on anything Pentium1 or above.

You still have my option of making that PC run an 'adhoc' wifi network for the client tablets, and letting the 'staff' PC hardwire to the router directly, bypassing the gateway.

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