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Video Card Performance and PCI bus speeds

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Hi All

I'm looking to add a dedicated GPU to our HTPC, and I have seen that the GTX 750s have been getting a good write up for the $.

However, all the tests I have seen are based on newer boards with PCIe v3.0.

The system I'm sticking it into is only v2.0, so my question is will the performance scale linearly (yes I know it will be slower obviously), or am I better looking at a different card for an older system (H61 Chipset iirc).

To put it into perspective, I've got a 1GB 5770 in my old i5-750 desktop that I had considered putting into it if that helps.


Thanks for your responses.

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It's like AGP 8x, it was somewhat of a wank. Even 4x didn't benefit greatly over 2x.


PCIe bus speed becomes critical if there has to be constant access to main memory for textures and stuff. In the case where the card has a nice big amount of RAM, it can hold a buttload of textures anyway.

There's also cases where there might be blits from main memory to the card for CPU generated graphics e.g. emulators or some desktop games but again the bus speed won't be super critical.


A PCIe 2.0 x16 card has bandwidth of about 8 Gig/sec vs about double that for PCIe 3.0 x16. In most cases either is plenty.

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There is a pci-e bandwidth review here





As for the gtx750 2g being good value well at $128 its good but at most stores its ~$150 at which point its not so good

750ti start at $159 and then you have r7 265 at $179

where the 750 stands out is its low power use

none of these cards are great for gaming but they can play them at lower detail settings or below 60fps

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