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? What was Witcher 2 like on X360.

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So lost interest in Destiny,

Witcher 3 three is a still a little ways off I am very keen on playing it, looked at vids on UTube and have seen witcher 1 and 2 clips in the process.

Being of the station nation since I sold my launch 360 when PS3 launched, I missed Witcher 2 but I am keen on buying into the lore and to get a feel for the game-play.

Of course PC version is best but my lappy wont even handle W1 let alone W2.

So if I want to W2 its the 360 or nothing and wait for W3 to lob.


Questions are anyone here done it on X360..? Is it playable..? does it look good enough.. saw some system comparisons game-play seemed doable and fun but image comparisons well its capture card from x360 hard to say how much was munted by that and the UTube compression.


Thinking of a SH X360 E if I get it I don't want it too old might hang on and maybe play some of the exclusives I missed.

What ever they are I didn't pay much attention to what released on the x360.


But mostly wondering if its worth buying into a third console for W2.

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No one did witcher 2 on 360 ? I guess most did it on PC long before it ported to 360.


Anyway its likely I will end up getting x360 to play it.

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Thanks for the clip Dread what surprises me most is is how some colours are a completely different hue not just a different tone.

Yes quite a big difference but still it looks playable, I have at the moment Dragon Age origin D/Loading on PS3 as I type this, I can live with last gen console grafix , was keen to see opinions on if it had any game wrecking probs. :)

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