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Cathar Storm G4 Block on an Intel i5

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Hey guys! It's been a long time since I've posted on here, and I've been "out of the loop" for quite some time!


Long story short, I'm currently upgrading from my old Q6600 SLACR rig to an Intel i5 4690K based rig using an ASrock Z97X Killer Mobo (price/performance had me on this one, not the 1337 branding, which I'm surprised is still out there!) and a EATX Aerocool XPredator Case, so there'll be plenty of room to work with.


I would like to watercool the new rig seeing as I still have the following parts lying about:


BIX 240mm Radiator (the old-school thick version)

Swiftech Micro Reservoir

Cathar Storm G4 Waterblock (not the swiftech re-make)

Laing D5 Water Pump

Tube, bends etc.. will of course be replaced with new


The water block is the same as this one here, with the exception of a couple of extra holes to fit my old LGA 775 mobo.:




I will of course need to consider how I could modify this block to fit (ie. drill new holes, fabricate a new plate, or maybe replace with an aftermarket piece if one fits?


I haven't received the new bits yet, so I haven't exactly been able to do a test fit of the block. However, if it does fit and I can modify the plate/retention etc... I would like to know exactly how well does this block hold up against other water blocks on the market today. Is it worth modifying to use, or can you atomicans recommend me a replacement block?


Thanks in advance!



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Storm G5 worked well with my 2600k till i moved to a smaller case with a apogee drive

this is how i modified the mount

think i used a hack saw and file from memory to make the existing holes a little wider



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