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Star Trek Online

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Anyone playing this ancient MMO?


Just started playing this again ,its so much fun. Even the new Romulus campaign is fun ,bit harder than the Fed ,KDF but its still fun.


Perfect World found my old account and re-activated it for me after some hackers took control of it.


Its worth a look at again if anyone is curious about this game. You will not be disappointed.



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Just a quick update the latest expansion was called "Delta Uprising" . Its all about the Voyagers travels on its leg to the Alpha Quadrant through the Delta Quadrant and using the Dyson Sphere and the gateway to get home. You get to meet all Voyager crew and even neelix and talaxians and help him find a planet to call home.


Anniversary for STO is next week i think just finished downloading a 3gig patch for it with heaps of changes in it.


Only thing i hate is the Pay Wall ,if want to win you pay for it. But its still a good MMO to play with a little grinding.

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I am beginning to hate this game for the path its on.


Being a F2p is one thing but when they make all content that you need buy ships or items to complete the game is another thing.


When Star Trek Online was released back in 2010 it was a good game and it was played like Star Trek. Groups and everyone did things in Groups and their was none of this DPS crap. As most weapons and powers did not display it.


Along comes Delta Recruit and you can now play up too lvl60 from 50. But what they did is remove the lvl50 Free ship and make you pay to play to lvl60. As the new area is Scaled up the Whazoo in DPS in Kinetic Damage. It took me over $100 in Real Cash to get lvl60 as most items are account bound or in some cases character bound. So i chose the Account bound option so all my characters can enjoy what i bought.


Now we have a new season called "Iconanian Wars" from the TNG series and Voyager. Up goes the DPS again but this time they make you pay for certain ships they give the ability to train and officer to be a pilot for FREE, but catch is you need to pay for a damn ship to use him.


This game is turned from a f2p to pay to play not in subs but by making everything bought in game after lvl40. Not worth playing is you want f2p but have a big wallet.


Quite Frankly they abusing the Star Trek License and degrading it with this pay for everything now.

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