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Shrinking my old gaming rig from ATX -> m-ITX

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Hi all,


First post back after a serious hiatus and was looking to pick the brains of you all regarding a wee opportunity in disguise i have happening. Basically in a nutshell I have the below components I'm currently using in my gaming box, but would really like to move it across into a small itx case. I recently put together a basic HTPC build in a CoolerMaster Elite 130 box for the living room and was surprised how easy it was and what I could fit in it.


Components are:

  • CPU: Socket 1156 i5 750
  • Mobo: MSI P55-GD65
  • HDD: 1 run of the mill 3.5 inch drive
  • Memory: Kingston Value ram (2 x 4g modules)
  • GPU: Gigabyte GTX 470
  • PSU: OCZ Modstream Pro 700w modular
  • Case: Xigmatek Mid tower (don't know model)

I was impressed to recently learn that I have had the above build since August 2010!, with the only change being a bump in ram from 4-8gb! It still runs battlefield 4 decently :)


Point to note:

- GPU will be upgraded this year (currently thinking a GTX 760 or 770) so I can turn on a few more pretties in Battefield Hardline. (No SLI/Xfire plans)

- I plan on playing games on 1920x1080 as that's my 24' screens native res.

- No solid plans on upgrading CPU unless I really need to, its still running stock speeds and cooling

- RAM upgrade may be needed in the next year or 2? I know most m-ITX boards only have 2 slots, so may need to replace with a full 16gb kit sometime :/

- PSU is modular and isn't too large (cannot find the dimensions of it atm), so I believe most 'enthusiast/gaming' itx cases should be able to fit it.


Major Issues:

- Current motherboard will have to go, as its Full ATX. However as Socket 1156 is EOL i'm having a hard time tracking a replacement m-ITX board down via the usual online channels. It would need to be cheapish and match if not better the current boards performance.


Other possibilities

- Sell off CPU, Mobo, Case and replace with a i5 4690 and h97/z97 combo and new case. Really is gonna come down to dollars, cents and what my best bang for buck will be.


Does anybody have thoughts on the above, I know I'm thinking out loud a bit lol





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Wouldn't bother buying old tech to suit a smaller case. I normally use this as an opportunity to upgrade my entire rig - starting anew.


Otherwise if the system performs fine as-is, try and hold off for a little while at least while newer tech approaches, often as it does


.. Just an opinion :)

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if i was to go itx it would be in SilverStone Raven RVZ01 which would need a sfx psu and itx mb

but i just shrunk from full tower down to matx with a watercooled tj08-ew


selling your mb\cpu\ram\psu\case seems like the best option

broadwell is just coming out which should drop power use a bit which is a good thing in a itx

not sure how long intel will sit on skylake


for the gpu i would go 280 3g $250 or gtx970 4g $500

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I know its late, but my system still rocks an Intel i5 750, I have it overclocked to 4.0Ghz on air cooling, that is a 50% increase. I've gone higher and it has run stable, well, until the hot and humid periods of the summer kicks in, but at 4.0ghz it still runs fine through that.


I also want to shrink my desktop but I cannot see a real world performance benefit of upgrading my motherboard, CPU and RAM. So I don't want to buy a new set yet, I'll wait until there is something worth upgrading too. So I'm considering a small quiet case that can still hold my current build including my overly large GPU, I haven't seen anything yet.

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So I havent pulled the plug on this just yet, been too busy playing BF hardline. I know i know, but i paid RRP for it and It cant just sit there lol!


I only realised I didn't have an idea on what my current system would fetch if I sold it as it to finance a new box. Id prefer to not part it out. Can anyone ball park it? If i decide to ill prob list it up here, ebay etc..



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