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Antiviruses; Why so online?

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OR more to the point, why not more options?

I recently found a community called 'Malware Tips' very fun read, and tons of 'in use' videos of anti-malware\virus packages.

On reading a bit I noticed most antiviruses these days track users under the guise of 'Website reputation' protection services.



Now, I know I'm old fashioned, but I do still believe in 'Offline software, Online media' as a computing philosophy.

As such, I sandbox my browser and install the MVPS Hosts File to block 90% of my malware (if it somehow got out of the sandbox).



Is it just me, or is software the one place in business that's forgotten the age old "Point of Difference" sales techniques?

Right now it seems they all are reliant on 'the cloud', want to add BHO's, and are starting to only come in 'suite' form, rather than standalone apps.




I normally dont worry much, if at all about antiviruses, since I dont download wares, and only use webmail; but on my new laptop I intend to be connecting to a lot of unsecured wifi, so some form of network scanning will be the go.


I'm still looking into good old NOD32, or even Kaspersky (detects NSA spyware).


But.. really, is it just the cost cutting of leaving this whole list online in a cloud that has them all feeling identical at the moment?

Why can't I grab the txt file from said cloud and whack it into my HOSTS or use it as an offline cache for said antivirus.


They've all lost their point of difference to each other; no?


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I think really most AV and Malware companies want complete control of their software. By putting these services on clouds they can monitor everything ,even on your system to what is happening.


By staying online they can also push products under the surface as updates or downloading scripts from what the everyday user does. It seems the more we lock down our systems the worse it gets. We just virtually have no control over what these suite packages do.


Who knows maybe our systems are being used for zombie attacks too ,we just do not know.

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Yeah, thats why I generally avoid antiviruses and aftermarket firewalls. I know what my OS is doing. and a sandbox makes me near invulnerable anyway.


I guess that'll be the go still. No AV for me.


But I am tempted to re-purchase NOD32 for old times sake.

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