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Undervolt: Silicone lottery

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Okay, so I couldn't modify the CPU but it is very easy to modify the GPU. The PSU is nowhere near good enough for the GPU when it's at 100% usage as the blue screens attest too.


So using MSI Afterburner I was able to undervolt by a good measure, now trying to eek out a little more. It started at 1.2 and I'm currently testing at 0.85 at the moment, hopefully that is stable. It isnt at 0.80 and is definitely stable at 0.90.


So thanks for your original post and your attempted assistance. Hey temps have dropped about 10c also.



Strange though, in MSI Afterburner I set the voltage to 0.85 but other software reads voltage at 1.00. So I'm not sure if MSI is reducing the voltage correctly or other software is not reading it correctly. Well its default is 1.20 and its definitely had a temperature drop. But I wonder if it registers below 1.00? Thing is the system failed in about 2 seconds with a yellow screen glitch when I set voltage to 0.80, it crashed duting testing at 0.825 but seems to be stable in Crysis and OCCT when at 0.85.


-Edit 2-

I've modified the BIOS to permanently change the voltage used.

High: 850 1200 was 1.20 now 1.05

Medium: 600 1200 was 1.00 now 0.90

Low: 400 1200 was 0.95 now 0.85


On top of that MSI Afterburner is set to run at boot up modifying specs again:

2D: 425 600 0.85 30% Fan (Quiet at 40c)

3D: 600 1200 0.90


If I could get MSI to run the GPU slower speeds I'd try lowering farther.

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That's some neat work :) I've never worried about GPU heat, I've always had external venting and just not given a damn because if it lasts 3 years, then thats probably the end of its useful life, and once again, a silicon chip being shortened to 3 years is probably an 80% drop in life? Im not pushing it that hard.


But in a small case, where temperatures are an issue, that's very cool :)

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