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indecision M.2 v SATA

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My old machine finally gave up and the kids are hounding me for a new machine.


I'm intending to go with the ASUS Z97I-PLUS Motherboard which has an M.2. port.


I want a drive for my boot drive which will hold 8.1, Office, and WOT/EVE. Its going into a Raven RVZ01 itx case. I don't really want to put a traditional drive in there from a heat perspective.


I like the form and low heat of the M.2 but I've never used them before. The alternative would be a 850 Pro (although I've seen someone mention the std 850 reads just as fast)


Any advantages of one over the other. The main one I can think of is that whatever happens I always find something with a SATA connector if I need to pull the drive out for some reason. M.2 is supposed to be faster.


The lag between brain and finger ensures I'll never be more than an above average noob in the gaming world. If the real world difference is you can't tell unless your running benchmark software then I might as well go the std evo path.




thanks in advance.


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The later SATA revisions are pretty quick, most SSDs aren't exactly stretching the bandwidth.


With any interface there will be something to cause a bottleneck, and these days it's throwing the data to/from the actual media with both mechanical and solid-state drives - which is partly why many drives have so much onboard cache.

I would expect with M.2 you should see an advantage if all other things being equal but I don't think it would be huge and it probably wouldn't warrant too much extra expense.

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