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TED talks

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Have just been watching a bit of TED, came across this little video:



Where this guy, Jonathan Drori, brings up a couple of little brain teasers.


A seed weights next to nothing and a tree weights a lot, where does the tree get the stuff that makes up a desk?


Can you light a little torch bulb with just a battery, a bulb and one piece of wire?


Why is it hotter in summer than in winter?


Could you scribble a plan diagram of the solar system showing the shape of the planets' orbits?


Can you explain how a plane's wings work? Does this explain how the plane can fly upside down?


Why is the ocean blue? Why is it blue on a cloudy day?



The only one that stumped me was, the plane wing one. I've never really thought about it before , but now I know

think angle of attack



Any other super cool TED talks that need to be shared?

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Yeah - there's some really good ones there.

I've spent many a night just watching them.

Anthony Robbins is good, as well as the moving sculptures guy.

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Moving scultures was excellent, as was Clifford Stoll (I wish he was my highschool science teacher too).


In fact, almost every talk has been very good. Brian(sp?) Greene and Brian Cox, both physicists, certainly deserve a mention too.



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