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I haven't built a PC since 2009

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Hey folks, the time has come to start again...


What do you think of this RAM & MOBO combo?


Firstly, I'm opting for a clean little case mATX for portability (hopefully lanning if I can find people to do that with), which is why I'm interested in an mATX board



ASUS Maximus VII Gene



Avexir Yellow Blitz 1.1 AVD3U24001004G-2BZ1SE (4x4GB)



I'm hoping to have a crack at some overclocking, the CPU in question will be an i7 4790K.

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your paying a bit extra for bling but it should be good

i would go for two 8g sticks of 2400c10 ram for performance (a lot of 4g sticks are now single sided) and expansion but if its just for the looks then thats up to you

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I'm not too fussed about the looks, I was just looking for fast'ish memory with good timings (hopefully for a bit of overclock headroom), but I'm open to suggestions...


Is there a benefit in having double sided sticks as oppose to single sided?

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some info on single sided vs double




will it do some rendering or something other than gaming if not a overclocked 4690k is better value


this is the ram i would get

G.Skill Trident X F3-2400C10D-16GTX 16GB (2x8GB) $225


a cheaper mb that will do the job

ASRock Z97M Pro4 $139 the 4 phases should be plenty for a mild oc

a nice quality mb with 5y warranty and 4 doubled phases so kinda 8 which is plenty for overclocking on air\water

ASUS Gryphon Z97 Armor Edition $219


while the maximus gene is a nice mb and i love tinkering with my z77 model if i was paying $300 for a mb now i would be going 2011-3 with 5820k

ASRock X99M Killer $329

ddr4 is currently expensive so i would probably just nab a few of these which use the same hynix chips as g.skill 3000mhz and try your luck with overclocking them 1x4g $63ea http://www.diycomputers.com.au/product.asp?id=13991



that case is rather large for matx at 265w 381d 411h

silverstone tj08-e 210w 385d 375h

or there is always itx http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=25_1290_608&products_id=26861

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Thanks for that info Dasa,


the part that stood out to me regarding single/double sided ram was...

"That means that when running the double-sided on 2133Mhz it has a higher bandwidth by about 1.5GB/s than the single-sided running at 2400Mhz"


I will definitely take you up on the Trident X (2x8gb) ram recommendation, not really feeling that little silverstone case though :)


That Gryphon board is very interesting too!


I considered going for a 2011-3 setup, but I thought I could save a few bob on an 1150 one instead, and probably not suffer too much in the performance ranks. To be honest I haven't "gamed" seriously for about 3 years but have had FarCry3 sitting there waiting for a new computer and I do dabble in HD video editing (my own dirtbike vids) and would seriously just like a machine that's more pleasureable to work with than my 1st gen i5 540M powered laptop.

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fair enough cases are a personal thing just making sure your aware there is probably smaller atx cases out there and definitely lighter ones


your not likely to notice the difference from the ram but every % adds up and if it doesnt cost you anything extra :)

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Started this thread on 24th Feb, ordered today, 8.5 months later, although a little different from what I originally planned. This is a long awaited & hard earned build for me and I look forward to slipping my unplayed crysis 3 disk into it's slot of possibility...



core i7 6700 + cryorig r1 ultimate cooler

asus z170m plus (matx)

corsair 16gb ddr4 3200 cas16

evga gtx 970 acx2.0 4gb

256gb m2 samsung pro ssd

oem LG blu-ray burner

corsair cs650m psu

aercool dead silence cube (matx) case



Furthermore, I hope it all fits together okay... :)

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