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Adobe Flash CS4 frame selection

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Hello! I am having trouble with determining how many frames I have selected in Flash CS4 (the only reason I don't use CC is because CC files are not compatible with CS4 and the teacher marking this use CS4, if you could convert a file then I would use CC but I can't find a way), I have selected some frames near the centre of the animation, and I can't seem to figure out how many frame I have selected without counting them one by one (which is going to take a while because about a quarter of the animation is highlighted), is there anyone out there in the animation community that could help me? It would be appreciated.

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Does flash allow you to export to animated GIF still?

Much easier to count the frames in a GIF file

I have no idea, it doesn't matter anymore...I had to hand it in, looked "ok", pretty terrible job. I am crap at flash

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