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4k gaming query

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Hi guys,


I am looking at upgrading to 4k and just have some querys.


Why doesn't the 295x2 support HDMI 2.0? Why haven't radeon released a video Card that supports HDMI 2.0?

I have heard something about using 2 x hdmi 1.4 connections to get 4k but its tricky or something. Could someone please clarify this for me.


Which monitor to get i am in no rush as i will have to wait for my tax return so is there anything coming by July that i should look into?


Which GPU to get? should i wait for the new radeon GPU if so when will it be released? I have always used Radeon but i am thinking to switch as nvida as they are looking good.


Is xfire or sli an issue when it comes to 4k gaming? cause 2 gtx 970's could work.


Please tell me what it is like to game at 4k?


Thank you in advance for any feed back.




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gtx970 sli is not a great option for 4k as they only have 3.5g available even 4g isnt enough at times


i would grab a monitor with display port and use that rather than hdmi

take a look at what dell has they make some nice monitors and often have 20% off sales


gaming at 4k will be a lot like gaming at any other res but high res needs more power and higher dpi is sharper with aa becoming less important

vr could be the next big thing very soon with oculus rift

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