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Modern day benchmarking

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It's been a while since I've bothered to tune, tweak, try new drivers on regular basis and even simple benchmarking I might do once in a blue moon e.g. if I put a new graphics card or HDD in.


So, what's the standard for the various types now? Since buying my SSD the other day I've found that the old favourite HDTach seems to have fallen by the wayside, no longer updated or supported.

Even the graphics ones, I don't think I've ever run anything newer than 3DMark2006.


I still hang onto the old favourites like wPrime and SuperPi (though still seems single core bound) - at the least they're handy to feel out if your system is being bogged down by bloatware or other resource-hungry rubbish.

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I usually just run the latest version of 3DMark. Make sure I'm getting the performance i paid for and that's that.

When it comes to CPU i run Aida64 Extreme edition.


Other than that I almost never bench to be honest.

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