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Flat Cat 6e cable

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OK, so I thought it time to upgrade the house to gigabit, move the modem, and junk the old phone cables.


Got a 12% ADSL speed boost with the phone cables.


Used mainly Cat 5e for the fixed wiring.


Some of the leads are Cat 6. Now, the Cat 6 has tighter twisting in the pairs and a centre spline.


I'm short one Cat 6 lead so of to ebay I go, and find you can get FLAT Cat 6 cable. I used to use flat phone cable back in the day of Telecom, but if Cat 6 over Cat 5, or 5e is dependant on the twisting and spacing, how the hell can a flat cable be Cat 6?

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STP = Shielded Twisted Pair.

Some flat cables as you say aren't twisted and are just for phone or are cheap data cables or intended for short runs. I've got some that have been sitting in a box for probably 20 years.

I believe you can get flat STP. Possibly the strands and/or insulation and/or shielding is thinner than normal cable to achieve more compactness.

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Just No.

Find me some flat Cat6 that will pass a Class E test at 90m, and i'll eat my hat. Or your hat. Any hat.

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