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So based on Facebook Feedback. Life hack ahoy

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So. People have been discussing shows they watched and I mentioned something that even HectorBustNuts didn't know!


Fire up Angry Birds (ANY of them. Doesn't matter what. Just Angry Birds)


Click Toon.TV (Need net connection. Preferably home wireless)


Click Channels.



Pucca 'Funny Love'
Oggy and the cockroachs - season 3

Qumi Qumi
Log Jam
The Daltons
Plunder Pirates
Zig Sharks
Oggy and Coachroachs season 2
Wallace and Gromits Cracking Contraptions
Transformers Season 2
Chakra The Invincible
Oggy and The coachroachs Season 1
Space Goofs
National Geographics Kids
Fraggle Rock
Transformers Season 1



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Jim Henson's Fraggle Rock.


And hooley dooley. 1 month bump




Fair enough, really - Kothos has been gone a While. He's like that Romancing the Stone scene, atm: "Aw, man! The Dooby Brothers broke up!"


/waves to Kothos

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