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TCP and UDP over different connections?

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Anyone have a nice simple solution to this?

Even a "network per program" would suffice.


I need either UDP data, or anything launched from Steam to go through a 4G device.

I'd like all TCP data, or, web browsers, windows updates, antivirus updates, etc. to go through my wired network (with its slow 2mbps sync rate).



I might have accidentally just thought up a solution while typing.....


Would it be as simple as connecting both networks, and hoping all the programs in question have a "gateway" setting?


And, when it comes to things like default access points, using the Priority Queue, and setting the Metrics for the 4G SUPER low (or is it high.....) should stop it using it, unless the ADSL fails?


Brainstorm with me friends :)


While I have telstra extreme cable OK'd for me now, I'm likely moving within 6 months so would prefer not to bother.


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This looks like a job for a Raspberry Pi!


It can run the 4G dongle natively, has a USB interface for a second network adaptor, and one built in!


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