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Imaging Software compatible for Vista and Windows 7

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I'm in the process of updating from Vista to Windows 7. Yes I'm really moving with the times, but at least 'm incorporating a move from HDD to SSD as well.


All was going well with my plans until I realised my current version of Acronis 9 is not Windows 7 compatible, and upon checking Acronis 2015 the supported operating systems are the following:

Windows XP SP3 / Windows 7 SP1 (all editions) / Windows 8 (all editions) / Windows 8.1 (all editions) / Windows Home Server 2011.



So I then did a little digging around in the Acronis archives and found that Acronis 2014 is compatible with XP / Vista and Windows 7. Next stop was product support to explain my situation and to check as to what assistance they can offer. I then received the following response:


"I am glad to inform you that downgrade request from Acronis True Image 2015 to Acronis True Image 2014 is approved from our management."


I also asked a further question regarding the use of Acronis 2015 with Vista.


"Acronis True Image 2015 may work or may not on windows Vista. We have not tested Acronis True Image 2015 on windows Vista OS, hence if there is any technical issues we would not be able to troubleshoot."

Which to a degree is acceptable I assume. So there's my summary of options for Acronis, based on compatibility and availability of versions.


The install of Windows 7 is to be fresh on a new SSD, and Vista is currently located on RAID5, spread across 3 x Raptor drives..


What my real concerns and expectations are, once I've completed a final incremental backup of Vista, is to be able to alternate between these two operating systems using Acronis 2014?

I'm not planning to do this on a weekly bases, but as an option if I find some purchased software to be non Windows 7 complaint.

Another option I'm considering is running a cloned image of Vista on a virtual machine, as opposed to doing a complete install on the SSD.


What are peoples thoughts on these plans? Am I going about this with the right expectations?

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no, no no.

You're here, and the target is somewhere in mainland china.

Wayyyy over complicating this dude


You have Vista installed on a seperate drive, and you're installing windows 7 on its own SSD; simply use Windows Boot Manager to select which OS\drive you want to boot into at each startup. Simple, Done.


If you have Windows 7 PRO or above, blow away the VISTA install. You'll never find anything to be incompatible, thanks to 'Windows XP mode' which is included free. Its a full Virtual OS inside windows 7.

You'll also find, that Windows 7 x64 is super compatible with everything that came before it. The 32 bit version had a few flakes, but the 64bit, was flawless thanks to Microsoft being paranoid and making REALLY good Wow64 (32bit emulation) drivers\systems built in.



As for Acronis, if you ever need to do full drive backups, the Boot Disk version is always compatible with everything, as it launches its own OS to do the imaging, and for all it cares its just raw data its copying.


I still use Acronis 2009 or earlier Acronisboot.iso and just image the whole drive once every few months. More than happy to work on Windows 8.1.


DriveImageXML is a free drive imaging program that 'just works' too.


Its a shame you're stuck with 7 and can't go 8.1. It's so much better.

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Having done a little more research, and now having initiated a request for refund from Acronis. As soon as a receipt of funds are transferred back I'll purchase a copy of "StorageCraft ShadowProtect Desktop" It's reviewed on all accounts to be a solid performer.

I'll worry about running cloned images of Vista on virtual machines later. However, Master_Scythe, thanks for your input yet again. I'll somehow dig myself out of this hole, and into another, soon enough. And it I'll be at my expense and your your entertainment. LOL

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