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P35V3 Laptop Gigabyte

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Was looking at the P35v3 Laptop by Gigabyte with dual SSD's and curious what everyone thinks about it.


I need something as a backup in case i get sick or hospitalised ,was thinking of laptop with games in mind. Normally play the older MMO games like STO and GW2.


Not very many dealers in Australia they all seem to import them on sales.



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P35 what v3?


I have the p35Gv2 and all i can say is perfect. Its the best purchase i've made in YEARS.


What can I praise?

The IPS screen is amazing, and helps me use my laptop. Since I need certain angles for my eyes to work well, it makes all the difference. Blacks could eb blacker (like all IPS screens really) but you dont notice unless you A\B with another monitor.


The screen is a semi-gloss, like someone took a matte screen, and 'polished it' a bit. Meaning sharp images, but any reflections are weak at best, so outdoor use works well.


On my v2 there is a hot swap bay at the front of the laptop where I can put a SATA drive. And I use it often.

I've moved ALL my hard drives to 2.5" solutions so that if my main PC ever falls over, I can literally slot the drive INTO the laptop and keep working. Its also great for me for customers as I can recover data that way.

The chassis is metal where it counts (palm rest and lid).

The cooling solution is second to none, I can only get thermal throttling if I run a symultaneous stress test on BOTH the cpu and gpu; most laptops cant handle even one of these alone.

Keyboard shortcuts are intuitive and the tool they include to manage options for once isnt bloated and shit, it works well.


I get about 6 hours battery life of continuous use (mainly youtube), and I'm yet to have Optimus graphics switching fail on me, like it can do on so many other laptops.


They keyboard is one of the best I've used on any laptop, i'll admit it has a shallow press, but if you can touch type, the shallow press is met with an almost tactile 'click', like the logitech keyboards that pretend to be mechanical (but arent).


The heat all comes from the back of the laptop, so your hands do not get hot while using it. Keep in mind, its a Mobile chip (not a ULV) and a decent GPU, it DOES get hot, this is normal.


What can I fault?

The touchpad. Its a bloody ELANTECH, and its horrible. Its 100% in the drivers though, because the animated taskbar icon shows my taps and drags, but they're ignored by windows.

I've managed to get this to kinda work by turning sensitivity all the way down to 0%, it still works, and now it 'believes' me when i tell it to do things.

Also, its a 'rocker' click area, so no seperate buttons.

If you do buy it and the v3 has a Synaptics touchpad, be sure to send me dimentions, it might be time for me to switch it.


The charger is bloody HUGE, but is really only needed when working the laptop hard. I got a universal 70w or so 'wall wart' charger from DSE which I traveled NZ with, it was light, still charged the laptop (VERY slowly while on), and worked fine when it was idle\asleep to finish the charge.

The 'big one' is nice when you're at home, to know you can power game on it, and still have it recharge within an hour or so.


It's physically big. the laptop, for all its good cooling is about 1" diagonal bigger than any other 15" laptop.




I ALSO bought the Gigabyte R3, and at 14" its PERFECT.

1440x900 resolution, fits on an airplane tray table, is less than 1.6kg,

just... perfect.... but sadly my eyes are not. :(


Since I'm unable to sit square on to it and have my eyes work properly,

the TN panel (which isn't bad) just wouldnt do.


If you can live without IPS and Keyboard backlighting, then the R3 is my go to.


This isnt a FS thread, but I actually still have it sitting in the corner, less than 5 hours total use, with reciept from MSY (about 2.5 years warranty left on it), which I need to sell if you're at all interested.

It's the non touch screen version of this:



Which, if you dont need touch, has the better 13.8" HD+ 1600x900 LCD.




I love the absolute shit out of my Gigabyte laptop range, it actually won me over...

I spent about 6 months looking at EVERY brand I could, almost got an Acer v5 NITRO edition, but never was satisfied with what was on offer, decided 'F-it, I'll get a macbook and install windows....'


At One Thousand Dollars ($1000) cheaper, the ONLY thing the Gigabyte model doesnt have over apple, is an extra hours battery life, and a 'Retina' display (I dont WANT more than 1080p on a 15"). AND I can OPEN IT UP and FIX THINGS, bloody apple.

Great prducts for the non tinkerer.

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Thanks for all that info Master Scythe.


The v3 model is still new only released last december. I was looking at the mac book pro but it means changing all software from PC to MAC that i use.


The P35 V3 sits at about just over $2200. But last years model like the one you have is about $1800.


Will look into these more ,might check out the youtube video reviews on them.

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