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Monitor not turning on and PC power weirdness

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that doesnt tell you much other than its regulation is working ok lots of things can go wrong in a psu that still allow v regulation to work ok for a while at least

it may be the mb but the psu is easier to replace so try that first

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Ah ok. some more weirdness just incase it changes anything:
Stuff is getting worse. I was watching youtube, screen goes black, monitor says no HDMI signal, it turns off but i can hear the sound stilling playing but it cuts in and out almost like a memory problem maybe?
Sometimes the screen comes back and everything is fine but other times it feels so sluggish i just reset PC.

Was watching twitch and typed in chat, it got so slow i was watching what i typed come in about 30 secs after i typed it.
Still PSU playing with monitor/memory? just checking if ideas have changed...
like typing on twitch, that cant be a gfx problem could it?


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