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Modifying a Remote Powerboard

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Well, here we go. I want to modify one of those fancy remote-controlled powerboards. As much as possible, I want to steer-clear of the 240V stuff, and only tinker with the low voltage stuff.


What I'd really like to do, is to have a 4-way powerboard, that has 4 individual relay activated outlets (wired and wireless or even microcontroller controlled)


I haven't yet opened one up to look inside, but this is how I figure most of them work:


4 outlets (and maybe a 5th always on one)


each outlet has a relay which is switched using a small voltage from a remote receiver, and an "All-Off" button to switch each outlet off.



I know that some people have reverse engineered the wireless signal, and just used that, but I'd rather just keep it to simple switches.


Want I'm after is something that's a cross between individual switches and remote switches. Each outlet should have it's own switch (probably just a lighted momentary switch, with the light indicating the power state of the outlet)


I have a few of the individual remote power outlets, but they are much to bulky to fit onto a single powerboard, and their LEDs are bright-as-the-sun blue...


My other idea is to also include the ability to control the relay with a microcontroller, such as an arduino or similar. So I'd hook up a connector with the signals, or just use a little ATTiny right inside.


I know that there are a number of different varieties of these boards

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I guess just pull the thing apart and see what it uses.


I was considering getting one of the ones Aldi does... allows control over WiFi and has Apps so you can even control over the 'net remotely.

Problem is, you get all the stuff you need and it's well over a hundred bucks, and I thought about it and there's not really anything I need to control remotely that I couldn't handle with old fashioned timers.

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The problem I have is, there are switched powerboards, and remote powerboards, but not remote/switched powerboards.


The remote has individual buttons on it, but the boards themselves don't. I'd like to just turn on or off individual outlets with or without the remote, or integrate a microcontroller for IoT applications.

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