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'Bots for kids

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Anyone have any recommends for robots for kids?


Age of about 5, consider up to 8-10. I'd prefer if there was some kind of coding thing to go with it too, for the purpose of learning applied coding. Even if the coding is something like Mindstorms where you put the pieces together like a jigsaw. This is for my own child, not a class of children, although I dont mind suggestions applicable to either.


Any other related ideas for learning coding or building bots in a fun way for young kids are most welcome!




(I realise Google is my friend for this, but you know, this is a tech forum, and I figured someone might have a good idea or two. And we are trying to beat the bots, after all!)

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Mindstorms is pretty good, but maybe better off for older kids. I used one for uni, but flashed it so I could program it in Java instead of with the drag and drop interface.


The primary school down the road from me use Scratch + LEGO WeDo I believe.

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