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Learn to code Android Apps

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Hi All!

I want to learn to code Android Apps. I have no experience (aside from some BASIC coding back in school), but I have plenty of motivation.

I've found thenewboston website and the video tutorials looks really good, but they assume some coding knowledge which I need to get before proceding.

So, should I learn some C or JAVA first?

Or feel free to tell me otherwise.

I'd really like a plan of attack for the process of learning all this, as it's rather over whelming for a noob when presented with so much information and slightly differing opinions on what to learn first.

Thanks in advance.


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You could also develop in html/css phonegap/cordova, or xamarin. you're not limited to java.

and you get the added benefit of multi-platform.

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If you Google it, you'll find plenty of tutorials and tools online. Even though there are tools around which will allow you to develop apps without knowing Java, I don't see how you can seriously get into software development if you can't understand the source code. If you can't be bothered to learn a whole new programming language, at least learn about the concept of object-oriented programming.


If you seriously want to get into it, have a look at the Android SDK (which is available for download from Google). You'll need a lot of this stuff anyway if you want to load and test certain apps and get into the more serious side of phone programming.

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