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Thanks sora3,


Probably a waste to skill the Captain/ in prevention and such, if Koenigsberg is quite fragile, making it marginally less fragile, would be less of of a benefit, than better accuracy, faster turrets, more mobility etc.

Probably sixth sense would be the first skill to level the Koenigsberg.


PS:: Seriously thinking about buying the Premium " Imperetor Nickolai "


It looks like it could be fun , Its in the premium shop till 17.

The long range fire warning actually works wonders for me. I've dodged shots that would have crippled/sunk my ship had I not taken evasive actions.


For me, the captain skills I have on the ship are Expert Loader, Basics of Survivability, Incoming Fire Alert, High Alert and most likely Advanced Firing Training when I unlock it. All those skills helps a lot with dodging incoming fire, repairing my engines and rudder quicker when they're knocked out, switch the shells quicker in dealing with pesky DDs and getting the repair ability back ASAP. The Koenigsberg (and by extension the Nuremberg) is not a brawler like the Omaha/Murmansk but it is an accurate sniping cruiser. Play like a BB and it'll wreck anything.


The Imperator Nikolai is a mixed bag really. I've played with and against Imperator Nikolai's and you'll be under fire long before you actually get to fire. But once you do get in range, it hits like a Mack Truck at full speed. Accurate at about 10km, 12 is a bit of a stretch for it. But be prepared to be fired upon quite easily as I've done to many Nikolais... :P

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Too many patches! I go to play it and there's always another patch! :-P

Played the first time in ages 2 nights ago. I hadn't put tanks back since installing Win10 :\

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I got the Imperitor Nikolai sora3, and yah have to get close behind an Island , then show your self only within range,

Trade a couple broad sides, If R.N.Geesus is smiling at you they go down fast.


I got the Atago as well not sure, how to play it yet, it does it all Torps, Guns, AA but misplace your self and you take all kinds of damage.

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@Waltish, the Atago is a tricky ship to play. When you're playing the Tenryu/Kuma, it's all about the spam. With the Furutaka and onwards, you need to be precise with your shots since everything can take a heavy beating now. Plus, you're a lot more fragile and less maneuverable than before.


Your range is quite good at 16.5km so use that advantage but don't be the first one to fire on the enemy as that gets you killed quicker. Find support such as a BB and escort it. Most IJN BBs can be fast enough to keep up with you so might as well find one!

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Yah Its bit of a glass cannon, thats good advice to support ships that will bullet magnet for me.


Got the Koenigsberg Half an Hour ago, stock standard but retraind a 4 skill point Captain from the (what a bucket of bolts) Karlsruhe.


First time out it killed a Cruiser and and a Carrier then took a spread of torps from the other Carrier what a hoot! , Koenigsberg has nice "friendly" guns.


They just love to " Reach Out and Touch Sombody " hehehe

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The Nuremberg is pretty much a slightly stronger Konigsberg which is bad since at Tier 6, you'll be facing better armed and armoured foes. Plus, it doesn't help that the upgrades are so expensive as well...

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Not sure at this time, If I will persue the German line at the moment, Will skill up the Koenigsberg Captain for now Its a keeper.


Gonna grind through the Wyoming to see if there is anything good further up the tree.

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The American BB line is rather slow but can take the proverbial shit flung at them. Gun dispersion is average to horrible depending on the ship. Once you hit the New Mexico, it really changes a lot of things then.

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Been having more fun in the Koenigsberg than I have in the Imperitor Nickolai.

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Just bought the Tirpitz and holy moly, this ship can take the proverbial beating at its tier...


Having fun with it despite losing tons because a lot of noobs running with the Tirpitz

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Went and looked at her , man Tirpitz is not a cheap ship.


What are the guns like?

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@waltish, the guns aren't great at max distance. The dispersion is a joke when you're firing out to 21km. But once you close in towards 16 or less km, you'll wreck like crazy. I've citadelled Atagos easily with this thing at 16km once.


AP does a ton of damage compared to the joke of HE. Plus the guns turn a lot quicker (36s compared to 40+ of Amagi/Colorado) and fire quicker (2.3 shots/minute so 27s reload) so you're basically a rapid firing gun platform.


However, the AA is terrible on the Tirpitz. You'll definitely need AA support in terms of cruisers or fighter squads. Don't let my stats of aircraft killed fool you. It is not an AA ship, akin towards the Amagi.


Armour, it can take the beating out of the Amagi and the Colorado but make sure you angle right. I've taken a beating from two Amagis one game and it was hilarious watching them pummel me and me damaging them pretty slowly too. Eventually I lost due to sheer numbers but I managed to absorb the attack enough for the CV to actually run away then and sink the BBs.

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Thanks sora3, yeh seems German HE is not so great.

Tirpitz will be great for training crewmen for the German tree.

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If you're on SEA, the Warspite is back!


/wallet starts crying hard...

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Verry tempting, aparently its not very noobfriendly and a tad situational, But I kind like it.


We'll see but I dont think I can spend the money right now, ps looks like Tirpitz is out of the shop, I couldnt see it

... another I cant afford at the moment.


I hope they rotate around again,

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Out of the premium ships, only the Murmansk is pretty much a noob friendly ship. All the other premiums have their quirks that makes it hard to play with if you don't play accordingly. E.g. the Tirpitz have horrible dispersion at any target over 19km but close in to when you're spotted and you'll start having fun. The Warspite is slow and needs 16km to actually start firing. But it can't be detected until 15km and when it does, the guns are pretty accurate and the way it recovers health is surprising. Critical or moderate? No problems, I'll heal that off. Atago is also slightly noob friendly now with the health recovery consumable but it still needs respect as any hit in the citadel will hurt. But good guns, decent concealment and decent speed puts DDs on edge. The Atlanta is just a big DD with rapid firing guns.

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just started with carriers. :(


planning torp attacks is going to take some getting used to...

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I hate my carrier (the first US one). I got it for completion sake, but I never want to play it. I usually only do it to get "shot down x planes" missions done.


Did 2.5K xp in one game (pre 1.5 multiplier) with my Nicholas. Tier V - VII game, took out three battleships a cruiser and another Nicholas. Typical battleship "tunnel vision". One of the DDs on the other team did pretty well too, I think our battleships were just a bit more awake. Also there were no carriers, so detection from planes wasn't a big issue.


It was one of those weird times where the matchmaker didn't put many cruisers in, and the battleships moved into areas with lots of little islands, to punch each other in the face at close range.


Unlocked the Farragut, but it feels (at the moment) a bit like a step down. I kind of dislike how in wargaming.net games, you unlock a new tank/ship and functionally you get worse. It's more pronounced in WoWS I think, because in many cases the lower tier ships CAN kill higher tier ones without too much trouble. There's definite places that isn't the case (Phoenix vs Omaha vs Cleveland for example). But especially with destroyers, the main benefit of the Farragut is it's longer range, an extra gun (for now, until I get some decent AA), and the fact that it's got an extra two tubes (at the cost of them being midline).


But in all other senses (HP, Speed, and frustratingly Detectability), the Farragut is worse. One of the best things about the Nicholas, I feel, is how close you can get to the enemy. Low detectability, makes you a great scout, and lets you get around formations with much less risk. I feel like the higher level destroyers tend to be worse for detection, and the compensation isn't always there right away. Like the Farragut i'm sure is a great Destroyer once you have 7KM range torps. But with 5.5s, the increase from 6.8kms or so, to 7.3 means that it adds another 30% or so of "danger zone" onto a battleship torp run. And the flow on of having a high detectability to planes, reduces your benefit as a scout.


Honestly, if I were running a high tier fleet group, I'd want tier V or so destroyers just for the scouting. Sure, a Gearing might kill an equivalent destroyer quite handily, and kill a battleship with it's torps, but a minekaze is pretty damn good at spotting for her allies, and a Nicholas can make a pretty good mess of a Gearing if you treat the Gearing more like a fast cruiser.

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@Tinbane, the higher tiers for DDs are bordering on super fast light cruisers instead of actual DDs. That's probably because of balancing really. Wargaming hasn't really done a great job in balancing crap since WoT.


Anyway, there are a lot of downsides to the Nuremburg as I try to grind past it towards the Yorck. Despite it being a Konigsberg v2, it doesn't feel like a tier 6 cruiser. More like a tier 5.5 given the paper armour. For me, I think Wargaming could have used the Nuremburg as an upgrade to the Konigsberg (perhaps a Hull C) and put in the Yorck in tier 6 as it feels a lot better that way with the Yorck being a decent ship to move into tier 6. Annoyingly, I feel Wargaming got the armour values wrong since the Roon and the Hindenburg have a joke of armour so adding an additional inch of armour would be nice. After all, the Prinz Eugen was fitted with 3.5 inch armour along the citadels after 1942, making it almost a Hindenburg...

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@sora3: Yeah, I know what you mean. It's pretty annoying, if DDs and CAs converge, then there's not much reason to go with DDs.

So, from Nicholas, the next DD to improve on it's stealth is the Fletcher (Tier IX). So I need to get through Farragut, Mahan (which I found a huge grind, in the beta), then the Benson.




Would be nice if they split the DD tree, and had a "sneaky" branch vs a "gunship" branch.

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I'm guessing there will be a split for most of the lines. On Reddit, a Wargaming Community employee hints that most of the cruiser and DD lines will be split in the future. When that will be, who knows?


But the American DDs cause me headaches when I play with the Tirpitz. Rapid firing guns + smoke = one hell of a frustration to hit.

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New 0.5.2 patch is coming guys and Wargaming finally buffs IJN CVs to be good. Now, I can take the Hosho out without hoping I get 1 torp hit!




New maps, additional signal flags and functions in the port, technical novelties and improvements for new players, local and global balance fixes... all these and other features will become available for you to get your hands on in just a couple of days on the Public Test Server.

The Public Test is a chance for you to try out new and upcoming features in World of Warships before they are introduced to the general community. This iteration of Public Test will go up tomorrow 15 December at 17:30 CET and will last until 21 December at 11:00 CET. Please find more information on how to participate on this dedicated page.

New Maps: The Atlantic and Shatter Update 0.5.2 continues the tradition of introducing new features for higher tier battles. Two new high-tier maps, The Atlantic and Shatter, will become available, and several existing maps will undergo some refinement.

The Atlantic

The Atlantic map features an Atlantic archipelago off the coast of Portugal.


Somewhere in the North Atlantic, among scenic islands off the coast of Canada, lies the Shatter map. Proximity to key sea routes to Europe and Russia make this area strategically important.

The majority of existing maps have also undergone some changes. Our main efforts were directed toward the visual aspects of the game. So, when you’re not in the heat of combat, you may notice the new features: buildings, new types of vegetation, and so on.

Additionally, we have disabled the Encounter Battle mode, while the relatively new Zone mode has been left only on the Big Race map. We’ve taken this action because we need some time to understand the players’ reactions to these modes and to analyze how they fit into the overall game process.

As for the Ranked Battles mode, we are now working on a new set of scenarios for the next season.

Permanent Camouflage In Update 0.5.2, we’ve introduced permanent camouflage; this is applied to a specific ship and does not require credits or doubloons to replenish it after the battle. We are planning to implement this mechanic on some popular ships in the very near future. However, you do not have to wait and may enjoy some bonuses now: all premium and gift ships will be provided with a free unique permanent camouflage.

Its properties vary depending on the ship but always include two components: a bonus to the experience per battle and one of the two battle bonuses that are provided by standard camouflage types. Thus, we circumvented the scenario in which a premium ship has camouflage without game properties.

Signal Flags: Not Just a Fashion Choice Six new flags have been introduced, along with the “Top Gun” achievement, which is awarded to any player who destroys five or more enemy ships in a single battle. Finally, this great feat will get officially recognized.

These are the new Signal flags in the game...

Papa Papa (Achievement: Solo Warrior)

boosts earnings of free experience

November Foxtrot (Achievement: High Caliber)

reduces the recharging time for consumables

Zulu Hotel (Achievement: Confederate)

boosts Commander Skills (the previous signal flag Equal Speed Charlie London is now awarded for a different achievement)

November Echo Setteseven (Achievement: Clear Sky)

improves the performance of anti-aircraft guns and defensive weapons on attack aircraft

Victor Lima (Achievement: Witherer)

slightly increases the chances of flooding an enemy ship or setting it on fire

India X-Ray (Achievement: Arsonist)

increases the chances of setting an enemy ship on fire; enemy has a greater chance of detonating your magazine

Juliet Whiskey Unaone (Achievement: Liquidator)

increases the chances of flooding an enemy ship; enemy has a greater chance of detonating your magazine

As a result, the number of signal flags has significantly increased, and now their use meets both economic and battle requirements on ships of all types and tiers.

Beginner Tutorial: Easier to Learn, Still Hard to Master The Introductory Mission has undergone some changes: now, newcomers are able to launch it from the port as a separate game mode, choosing the U.S.A. or Japan as their nation. We’ve also built a browser into the game client, so that players can watch the video tutorials while playing.

The game installer has been customised, so you can now play Tiers I and II without downloading the full version of the client. The size of this mini client is around 30% of the size of the full version.

Economy: Smoother Progression After adding the rewards for capturing, defending, and blocking the capture of key areas in the Domination mode, we deeply analysed the in-game economy and made some changes. The credit award for key areas has been reduced by 20%, but, according to our plan, ship economy changes will lead to slight profitability growth. We also agree with many players’ suggestions and have increased the profitability of most Tier IX and X ships to make playing them more comfortable. We plan to share the exact numbers with you in the upcoming full release notes.

Port Interface: Solving the "Depot Problem" In Update 0.5.2, several port versions will be available for players. Inspired by our growing mod scene, we’ve also included the simplest port (Ocean-themed), which loads quickly regardless of the user’s computer configuration.

The Commander management procedure has also been improved: now, if you dismiss your Commander by mistake, you may cancel your decision within five minutes.

Finally, we’ve found a solution that will help solve the problem of extra modules piling up in the depot with no way for the player to sell them. In Update 0.5.2, when selling a ship, all installed modules (but not more than one piece of each module type) will be automatically sold at half price. We realise this new mechanic may not be ideal for all players’ preferences (e.g., it may impose extra expenses on those players who focus on collecting all ships or who repurchase lower-tier ships). However, it will definitely benefit players (the vast majority, according to our statistics) who immediately sell researched ships to purchase higher-tier ships.

After the release of Update 0.5.2, the first launch of the game will automatically result in the sale of all modules stocked in the depot in accordance with these new rules. This will result in a significant credit compensation for many players.

Karma And Friendly Torpedoes To reduce toxicity and to encourage healthy cooperation among players, we’ve introduced in-game karma, which is displayed in the player profile. A player’s karma is the difference between compliments and complaints received during battles. We will monitor your feedback on this option and perhaps find an additional application for it in the future. We do have plans to introduce automatically granted in-game rewards as well as enhanced opportunities for complaints or compliments to players with a high karma level.

As for damage accidentally caused to allies, our data shows that, as expected, the most common reason for this problem is torpedo misuse. In Update 0.5.2, in addition to other measures, we’ve decided to decrease the damage caused by allied torpedoes by 50%.

Balancing the Game Players have been complaining about the low effectiveness of the Target Acquisition System 1. And they are absolutely right - the price of 2,000,000 credits for a +20% bonus to target acquisition range is not justified. To right the ship, we’ve added some essential and logically proven bonuses: +50% to the unconditional target detection range, which players often call an x-ray, and +20% to the torpedo detection range.

In Update 0.5.2, Japanese torpedo-carrying planes will be able to launch torpedoes with a narrower torpedo spread in the manual attack mode. This modification won’t have much effect on the effectiveness of short-range torpedo launches but the narrower spread should make torpedoes more effective at longer range. It’s worth noting that automatic torpedo launching has also been slightly refined on Japanese bombers: now, torpedoes can be launched closer to the target, and the spread at the expected target-torpedo crossing point is a bit wider.

Additionally, U.S. and Japanese attack aircraft will be able to fly at a higher speed after dropping bombs and torpedoes, which will allow them to return more quickly to their aircraft carrier. However, this modification has a downside: if the whole squadron is lost, it will take more time to ready new aircraft for takeoff.

There are also some changes to the fighter aircraft manual attack mode—it will be more effective and quicker.

Those who prefer torpedo attacks, especially when using higher-tier ships, will appreciate changes in the balance—the torpedo spotting distance is decreasing by several hundred meters depending on the torpedo type and ship tier. Moreover, ships having a displacement of higher than 35 thousand tons will require more time to turn, which will make it harder for them to dodge torpedo attacks.

Cruisers equipped with the Repair Party consumable (currently, this includes all Tier IX–X researchable cruisers and the Premium Atago) are about to receive a benefit. In 0.5.2, using this type of consumable will allow the cruiser to repair up to 33% of citadel damage, compared to the previous 10%. We hope that this will increase the survivability of the top-tier cruisers. Also, the modified version of this type of consumable will receive an additional charge. On the one hand, this makes the new version more attractive for players. On the other hand, the popular Superintendant skill becomes less needed in certain situations.

Some local changes have been made to the Erie, Chester, and Nicholas, which had problems with survivability. Erie and Chester have now a better-protected casemate, which can now no longer be damaged with low-calibre high-explosive shells. Nicholas has an improved combat capability point distribution by parts of ship.

The anti-aircraft performance calculation algorithm has been significantly improved. However, we’ve taken this step not to specifically improve ship balance, but just to set things straight. The resulting antiaircraft performance in Update 0.5.2 depends directly on the type of guns. When the characteristics of a gun type are changed, the changes are automatically implemented on each ship that carries that gun. As a result, this new mechanic allows us to automatically correct the calculation errors that cropped up on many ships under the previous system. The details concerning each affected ship will be provided in the final text of the patch notes.

There is even more to this update! The long-awaited division chat channel is finally in the game, as well as the option to block parts of the chat window. And as always, more improvements to the technical side of the client, sound design and other, minor interface changes. Keep an eye out on more details in the upcoming patch notes.

Action Stations!

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The public test would be a Common Test client ??, I will wait for the changes to get to the Live client, I have 4 Wargaming clients (WOT And WOWS on the lappy and WOT/ST, WOT/Public on PS4) I really don't want to D/L anothe.


teary-eyed-emoticon.pngI still don't haz HMS Warspite.

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Whelp, the full 0.5.2 patch is out so here it is:


New Maps & Signal Flags - Update 0.5.2 Arrives! Today 3,433 New maps, new Signal Flags, permanent Camouflage, and a boatload of game balances and improvements. Update 0.5.2 is set to launch! We covered most of the big stuff in our latest Developer Bulletin, but here's your chance to dig into the details via the full update notes below! The update is scheduled for December 22 at 03:00-05:00 PT (06:00-08:00 ET) during which the game server will be offline.

Update Notes 0.5.2

New Features

Two New Maps

New Signals

New Achievement: "Kraken Unleashed"

Ship Rebalancing

Karma System

Improved Port and Commander Management

Permanent Camouflage

"Arpeggio" Comes to World of Warships

"Mini Client" Trial

Significant Economy Changes

Game Maps and Modes

New Map: The Atlantic

• A large-sized map

• Game modes: Domination with three key areas and Domination with two key areas

• Battle tiers: IX-X

New Map: Shatter

• Also large-sized

• Game modes: Domination with three key areas and Domination with two key areas

• Battle tiers: IX-X

Maps visually improved and tweaked for better gameplay:

• Islands

• Strait

• Fault Line

• Two Brothers

• Northern Lights

• Land of Fire

• Trap

• Islands of Ice

Modes/settings updated for the matchmaker:

• Added tournament scenarios for New Dawn, Fault Line, North, Strait, Land of Fire and Ocean

• "Zone" mode is disabled on Ocean, Islands of Ice and Trap

• "Encounter Battle" mode is disabled on all maps

• Solomon Islands map to be limited to tiers II-V (was II-VI)

• Fault Line limited to tiers V-VII (was V-VIII)

• Re-adjusted the randomization priorities for maps and modes in the PvE mode. From now on, they will completely coincide with each other

New Signals

"Zulu Hotel"

• Achievement: Confederate

• +50% commander experience per battle

"Victor Lima"

• Achievement: Witherer

• + 1% chance to cause fire by bombs and shells of caliber over 160 mm

• +0.5% chance to cause fire by shells of caliber less 160 mm

• +4% chance to cause flooding

"Papa Papa"

• Achievement: Solo Warrior

• +300% free experience per battle

"November Foxtrot"

• Achievement: High Caliber

• 5% consumables preparation time

"November Echo Setteseven"

• Achievement: Clear Sky

• + 10% AA efficiency

• + 10% efficiency of the defensive armament of aircraft's rear gunners

"Juliet Whiskey Unaone"

• Achievement: Liquidator

• +15% chance to cause flooding

• +5% chance to detonate the magazine (of your own ship, disadvantageous)

"India X-Ray"

• Achievement: Arsonist

• + 1% chance to cause fire by bombs and shells of caliber over 160 mm

• +0.5% chance to cause fire by shells of caliber less 160 mm

• +5% chance to detonate the magazine (of your own ship, disadvantageous)

New Achievement: "Kraken Unleashed"

• Granted for destroying five or more enemy ships in one battle. Rewards the "Equal Speed Charlie London" signal (+50% XP per battle). (Previously rewrded for "Confederate" achievement)

Ships Rebalancing

General Changes:

• Japanese aerial torpedoes: recalculated the drop distance in automatic mode; torpedo planes will not run in at a distance that is 15% closer to the target. The torpedo cone for this mode of attack at the intended point of intersection with the target is increased by 14%

• Implemented a converging cone for torpedoes launched from Japanese carriers in the manual mode

• Increased the efficiency of alternative attacks for all U.S.A. and Japanese fighters by 66%. During an alternative attack, the speed of flight is increased by 15-21 knots depending on the plane

• Increased the return speed of U.S. and Japanese offensive aircraft (after dropping bomb loads) by 15-21 knots depending on the plane

• Reduced the detectability range of ship-launched torpedoes by 100 m to 500 m, depending on the type of torpedo. For higher tiers, the reduction of the torpedo detectability range is greater

• Reduced the maneuverability for ships with displacement exceeding 35,000 tons

• AA armament now has consistent statistics across all ships and classes

• Premium consumables will receive one additional charge

• In case of a through-and-through penetration to the main battery turret, the ship will suffer damage as well

• On cruisers, the "Repair Party" consumable may restore up to 33% of damage to the citadel

German Ships:

• German cruisers Kolberg, Königsberg and Nürnberg: armor slopes are now taken into account in the calculation of protection for the engine and magazine, when hit by HE shell fragments. The probability of damage to the engine room from shells with a caliber below 6 inches (150 mm) or less is reduced to zero

• Karlsruhe cruiser: the main battery reload time was decreased from 8.57 to 6.5 seconds

• Karlsruhe cruiser: the traversing angles for the front turrets (towards the opposite ship side) were changed from 25 degrees to 70 degrees

• Yorck cruiser: turrets' full rotation time was decreased from 51.4 to 34.6 seconds

• Hindenburg cruiser: anti-torpedo protection ratios were recalculated

Japanese Ships:

• Hashidate cruiser: full damage from an HE shell was reduced from 2,100 to 1,800

• Zao cruiser: the number of the ship's hit points (HP) was reduced from 44,900 to 40,800

US Ships:

• Erie, Chester cruisers: casemate coating was extended from 13 mm to 22 mm

• Hit points for the Nicholas destroyer were redistributed. 15% of the ship's HP was redistributed from bow to stern. The firing accuracy of Hull B guns was slightly improved

• Nicholas destroyer, the option to research artillery guns was removed. From now on, artillery guns will change along with the research of the ship's hull: the 127 mm/51 Мк7 gun was replaced with the 127 mm/38 Мк21 gun with no option to mount the top gun on the stock hull

Players who have already researched the artillery gun module on Nicholas, will receive a compensation of 2,500 XP points for the ship, while those who researched and mounted the module on Nicholas will get 2,500 XP points and 210,000 Credits. If a player researched the artillery gun module and mounted it, but later decided to exchange it for the stock guns, that player will also receive the same 2,500 XP for the ship and 210,000 Credits while the ship will get the guns associated with the hull being used.

• Benson destroyer: Hull B was modified. During research, the main gun turret is not removed while the number of hit points (HP) was increased from 12,800 to 15,400. The AA defense mounts were modified: the integral values were increased from 19 to 20 points

• Pensacola cruiser: number of guns on Hull A was increased from 8 to 10

• Omaha cruiser: bug related to torpedo cameras was fixed

Russian/Soviet Ships:

• Kiev destroyer: the number of hit points (HP) was reduced by 3,000

• Damage from the HE shells of B2LM guns was reduced from 1,900 to 1,600; the chances of causing fire were reduced from 9% to 7%. These changes were made in respect of the following ships: Gnevny, Ognevoi, Kiev, Tashkent and Udaloi


The visual display of the aiming spread for fighters and torpedo carriers has been reworked.

Implemented a parallel, dispersing, converging and self-crossing aiming spread for torpedo carriers. These aiming spreads will be available to players once the relevant settings are enabled for the game units (ships and aircraft).

• Fighters: the air assault cone will overlap the landscape rather than be cut off by it

• Torpedo carriers: the air assault cone will be cut off by the landscape

• If the torpedo drop point is set on the landscape, the cone will not be rendered (displayed)

Minimized possibility of an assaulting re-run for air groups. From now on, air groups attack ships correctly the first time.

There is a time penalty for instances when an air group is completely destroyed. If a player decides to destroy the remaining aircraft in an air group to quickly launch a new one, the servicing time for that new air group will be increased two times for US aircraft and 3 times for Japanese aircraft. If a damaged air group reaches the carrier and lands on it, no penalty will be applied.

Now, an attack may not be canceled if the air group has already reached the approach point.

Fixed a bug that made it impossible for a player to rotate the lower cone of torpedo carriers in instances when cones were located under one another.

Fixed a bug that caused the final order (set by pressing and holding SHIFT) to be displayed on the air groups panel and on the air group itself rather than the current one.

Karma System

Karma is calculated as the difference between the number of compliments and reports received, and may not be less than zero. Karma is displayed by the player's nickname.

It is prohibited to compliment and report players within the same Division.

If a player is complimented or reported, a system message appears after a battle. The system message for reports will be displayed only if a player has been reported by at least two players.

The system message for compliments will show the specific number of people who complimented you (without specifying their nicknames, however).

Selling Modules (Compensation)

For any sale of a ship, all modules belonging to this ship will be sold as well (at half price and no more than one unit).

If that ship is re-purchased, all modules will need to be re-purchased as well.

The first time the game is launched after updating, modules currently available in the depot will be sold automatically. Only one unit of each module will remain in the depot for ships that a player already has in the Port. Attention! As part of this update's release, the majority of players will receive a large one-time compensation in Credits as a result.

Intro Mission Added "Introductory Mission," a new battle type available from the Port that allows players to replay the mission under certain conditions (currently, there should be no more than 10 Co-op or Random Battles on a player's account).

Added option to select a nation for completing the Introductory Mission (USA and Japan).

Added scenario for the Introductory Mission to be accessible on a Japanese ship (Japanese ships against US ships). Added message about the lack of server capacity to run the Introductory Mission (if it's not possible to run it for a particular player).

Chat System Improvements

Battle chat channel for Divisions introduced.

It will also be possible to disable messages in the battle chat. Either all messages, or messages from particular players can be disabled. Messages from all players can be disabled directly in the battle screen when the chat is active. Messages from certain players can be disabled in the statistics screen by pressing the TAB key. Messages can be enabled and disabled in the context menu that appears after right-clicking on the name of a particular player.

Other Chat changes:

• You cannot send chat messages if messages from all players are disabled

• Quick commands and in-battle reward notifications will remain active regardless of the state of the chat

• The chat will be automatically re-enabled once the battle during which it was turned off is over

Sound Improvements

• Optimized the high and low sound configurations; implemented a system of priorities for playing sounds

• Added new music tracks

• Added the sound of in-battle transition between the main cameras

• Added new voice messages for the "First Blood" and "Double Strike" achievements

• The sound of quick commands will differ for the player and his teammates (added a radio transmission effect)

• Added new complex sounds for ships' engines

• Added squeaking sound that is produced once angle turning is enabled (by pressing the Q\E buttons)

• Added siren to warn the player when his ship has lost 50% of her hit points (HP)

• Reworked the general music pattern of the game

Commander Management

• Implemented an option to display the comparative values of the integral characteristics of a ship in a tool-tip and in the skill-mastering modal window. The comparative values will only appear if a skill directly influences a particular integral characteristic of a given ship

• Implemented a mechanism to cancel the dismissal of a Commander that will operate for a short period of time (at present, 5 minutes)

• Added list of all Commanders to the Personal File to enable a player to switch between Commanders the way they switch between ships

• In case there is a mismatch between a commander's specialization and the ship that the Commander is assigned to, their basic specialization will be shown separately

• When a Commander is assigned to a ship, a dialog window will show the number of points required for retraining

• Players will be offered a chance to retrain the Commander automatically once he is assigned to a ship, similar to the process of purchasing and mounting ship modules after research; it will also be possible to return to the retraining process at a later stage if initially the player selected the 1st or 2nd retraining option when assigning the Commander

Permanent Camouflage

• Permanent Camouflage is bound to a specific (Premium) ship

• It is purchased only once and remains available forever (auto-resupply is free)

• It provides additional benefits for a given ship

• Each Premium ship owner will get a camouflage for a relevant ship free of charge

• Special New Year's camouflage for the Cleveland, Nürnberg, Gnevny and Minekaze ships will be released as well

"ARPEGGIO OF BLUE STEEL -ARS NOVA-" Comes to World of Warships

Exclusive anime-inspired ships join the fleet! Are you ready to add some stylized flair to your shipyard? The battle- torn oceans in World of Warships are getting unique in-game content inspired by the naval-themed sci-fi anime "ARPEGGIO OF BLUE STEEL -ARS NOVA-." Read the previous announcement for the latest details.

Update 0.5.2 only preps this content -- you'll be able to earn the "Arpeggio" ships via a series of missions that begin in January. Stay tuned!

Other Changes

Improvements for bot-piloted aircraft carriers:

• Being undetected, bots will carry out patrolling operations from one carrier spawn point to another, choosing between them randomly. Bots will travel straight forward at maximum speed

• Upon detection, bots will try to escape from enemy ships (at maximum speed, too) by making tracks. The bot will stop making tracks and proceed to the patrolling of carrier spawn points as soon as it has remained undetected by enemy ships for 30 seconds. On re-detection, bots will set a course to escape from the enemy

• Aircraft carriers will not attempt to avoid collision with islands any more: in Update 0.5.1, carriers and battleships laid their routes bypassing clusters of islands. For aircraft carriers, that decision turned out not to be particularly successful, especially on Strait. It was reversed to make carriers choose the shortest path in setting their course. Given their tendency to stay in the rear, the changes will be nearly invisible, except for maps where carrier spawn points are separated by islands, as on the "Strait" map

• Aircraft carriers will tend to use their fighters more actively

• The bonus provided by "India Bravo Terrathree" signal has been doubled: it now provides a -10% discount for repair costs (rather than -5%)

• Changed the parameters of the "Target Acquisition System Modification 1" upgrade. Added the following parameters: +50% to the range of assured acquisition; +20% to the acquisition range of torpedoes

• Added option to watch video tutorials using the built-in browser

Until a player has reached the 4th Service Record level, the browser will be accessible through a banner in the Port; once the 4th Service Record level is achieved, the browser will appear in the Escape menu only.

• "Controls" menu added an option to enable/disable the display of a clock in the Port to show the current time. Disabled by default

• The clock will be displayed on all Port tabs

• If a camera is rotated in the Port with the right mouse button pressed, the interface fades away to show only the Port and the player's ship

• Port selection functionality has been added. Players can now select between different ports

• Implemented the mechanism to display changes in ships' integral characteristics after the installation of upgrades, flags and camouflage, taking into account all skills mastered by the ship Commander

System Changes

• Improved performance of the visual effects subsystem for CPUs with more than 2 cores

• Added "borderless window" screen mode (launch the game client in faux fullscreen without window borders

• Optimized the game interface in the Port and Missions interface in general

• Optimized ship carousel performance for players with numerous ships (application of filters, switching slots, enabling/disabling compact view)

• Optimized scrolling for ranks and levels in the player's Service Record

• Optimized the movement of water surface

• Fixed flickering bloom issue

• Added option to change gamma in the windowed mode, not just in the full screen mode. Any change of Gamma will apply to a 3D scene only

• Updated legal info

• Fixed error that caused delays in the reproduction of visual effects when switching between camera modes

• Fixed visual bug that caused ships to twitch during turns

• New multi-thread unpack system implemented. This allows faster unpacking of data for some computers, and you can pause and resume the process

• New game client file system implemented. All the following updatees will be applied in two steps: game client core files first and content files after that

Mini-Client (trial update)

The mini client is about 30% of the size of the complete update, and offers new/returning players to play without downloading the full client. It offers access to ships of tiers I and II, including Premium ships, as well as maps for those tiers.

The main restrictions of the mini client in terms of functionality are the following:

• Can't create a Division

• Can't be invited to join a Division by another player

• Can't select a Port

• All warships and maps, except for those mentioned above, are unavailable

In-Game Economy Changes

The Credit reward for capturing key areas in the Domination mode has been reduced by 20%.

In light of this, and in order to bring the amount of XP and Credits earned to our planned values, we changed the reward ratios for the majority of researchable ships. We draw particular attention to a significant increase in the amount of XP and Credits earned on tier IX-X ships.

Increased XP ratios for the following ships:

• 4% for Bogue

• 3% for Essex

• 4% for Midway

• 4% for Wyoming

• 13% for Iowa

• 18% for Montana

• 18% for Erie

• 22% for Chester

• 2% for Omaha

• 6% for Cleveland

• 6% for Pensacola

• 15% for Baltimore

• 14% for Des Moines

• 9% for Sampson

• 2% for Wickes

• 9% for Nicholas

• 7% for Farragut

• 20% for Hermelin

• 15% for Kolberg

• 19% for Karlsruhe

• 8% for Nürnberg

• 21% for Yorck

• 8% for Roon

• 36% for Hindenburg

• 5% for Zuiho

• 4% for Hiryu

• 2% for Taiho

• 32% for Hakuryu

• 9% for Izumo

• 8% for Yamato

• 6% for Hashidate

• 5% for Chikuma

• 3% for Furutaka

• 19% for Ibuki

• 11% for Zao

• 4% for Wakatake

• 27% for Shimakaze

• 8% for Orlan

• 47% for Storozhevoi

• 41% for Derzki

• 30% for Izyaslav

• 8% for Gnevny

• 18% for Khabarovsk

Decreased XP ratios for the following ships:

• 5% for Ranger

• 7% for Wyoming

• 3% for North Carolina

• 8% for St Louis

• 5% for Phoenix

• 5% for Myogi

• 5% for Kongo

• 3% for Fuso

• 6% for Nagato

• 13% for Amagi

• 11% for Kuma

• 10% for Isokaze

• 3% for Hatsuharu

Increased Credit ratios for the following ships:

• 9% for Langley

• 5% for Bogue

• 8% for Independence

• 6% for South Carolina

• 4% for North Carolina

• 11% for Iowa

• 28% for Montana

• 8% for Erie

• 13% for Chester

• 6% for Omaha

• 7% for Cleveland

• 4% for Pensacola

• 3% for New Orleans

• 7% for Baltimore

• 18% for Sampson

• 15% for Wickes

• 12% for Clemson

• 17% for Nicholas

• 20% for Farragut

• 4% for Mahan

• 3% for Fletcher

• 5% for Gearing

• 21% for Hermelin

• 18% for Kolberg

• 25% for Karlsruhe

• 4% for Königsberg

• 13% for Nürnberg

• 25% for Yorck

• 1% for Hipper

• 13% for Hindenburg

• 17% for Hosho

• 17% for Zuiho

• 7% for Ryujo

• 1% for Hiryu

• 1% for Hakuryu

• 4% for Kawachi

• 1% for Kongo

• 5% for Izumo

• 6% for Yamato

• 9% for Hashidate

• 5% for Chikuma

• 7% for Furutaka

• 6% for Aoba

• 1% for Mogami

• 17% for Ibuki

• 6% for Umikaze

• 8% for Wakatake

• 1% for Isokaze

• 5% for Minekaze

• 12% for Mutsuki

• 6% for Hatsuharu

• 13% for Fubuki

• 2% for Kagero

• 19% for Shimakaze

• 5% for Orlan

• 59% for Storozhevoi

• 43% for Derzki

• 35% for Izyaslav

• 13% for Gnevny

• 9% for Ognevoi

Decreased Credit ratios for the following ships:

• 6% for Ranger

• 10% for Lexington

• 7% for Wyoming

• 5% for Benson

• 6% for Zuikaku

• 16% for Taiho

• 6% for Amagi

So it seems they've reduced my Kongo's ability to farm XP now. But on the bright side, no more 100K earnings! :D

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