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[PC] Batman Arkham Knight not likely to be fixed before September

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I've been playing the game on PC since it's release date. And I am not experiencing the issues that have been reported (frame rate drops to nearly 2-3 FPS, etc). Admittedly, my PC is very high end (i7 4790k, GTX970, 32Gb RAM etc...), and I have completed the main portion of the game without issue.


But obviously, it seems that the company that ported the game from console to PC have screwed up big time, given the timeline that Rocksteady needs to get the game into playable shape for most other players. This will damage them a massive amount.

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For me, it's been the worst PC release ever. I was disgusted the game was locked at 30fps to begin with. And then after unlocking it, found my rig couldn't give me anything close to a stable 60fps (let alone the 100+ I am used to). I don't ever drop to single digit frames, but I vary anywhere between 20-100. Most of the time, in the batmobile, I'll hover around 40 which is not acceptable. I've had to dedicate one of my GPUs to physx. Before that, it was way worse.


The gameworks stuff doesn't even look that good. I'm not even sure I can't tell the difference to the point I'm curious if it's even running.

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