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Laggy Glitchy.

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Hi Atomicans,


Having a drama with my Laptop and been doing some trouble shooting as to why my FPS games lag and keep dragging me back even tho good latency around 30-50. (CSGO Battlefield 3)




Alienware M17XR4

Windows 8.1 64bit

Intel Core i7-3720QM

16 Gigs Ram

GFX ATI Mobility 4000.



So far, Checked for malware/viruses. drivers checked, no latency issue Wifi/Ethernet checked, Dropbox exited before gaming, VPN always on and never done this before, running defrag right now.

Other than all this the machine runs fine, checked my resources and doesn't max out whilst in game play, last major change was I installed my LG 40inch TV and put my Benq gaming monitor as extended.


Any questions just ask me.

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Even if its not maxing out, this can be seen sometimes with CPUs entering and exiting TURBO profiles.


if you go into the power options and set maximum CPU state to 99% you can test this theory :)

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