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Incorrect Information in File == MySQL Table Corrupted?

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Hi Experts,


I encountered the following problem when I'm trying to open SOME tables in MySQL database:

"Incorrect information in file ./[database name]/[table name].frm"


Other tables within the same database can be opened without any issues, only some tables have this problem. And this is not just happening in one database, but the other database on the same server also has this problem (there are 2 databases AFAIK on this server). Not sure if anyone else is using this server. The database is InnoDB, running on Win2k3. Are there any other information that is required that I didn't provide?


I have read through posts in mysql forum and it seems like none of them is able to solve my problem. The database used to work since being deployed 2 years ago and the last time the my.ini is amended is 2 years ago.


It sounded like a data corruption issue to me and the only way is to perform data restoration from the last known working state. However, is there something wrong somewhere that I can check and fix without needing to do a restoration of the database? The users are dead against it as it would mean loss of data since the date of restoration.



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Shutting Down and Restoring a Database

mysqladmin --defaults-file=/usr/local/mysql/my.cnf --user=root --password shutdown

mysqlbackup --defaults-file=/usr/local/mysql/my.cnf \

--backup-dir=/export/backups/full \



The restored data includes the backup_history table, where MySQL Enterprise Backup records details of each backup. Restoring this table to its earlier state removes information about any subsequent backups that you did. This is the correct starting point for future incremental backups, particularly those using the --incremental-base option.


Before restoring a partial backup, you might need to delete first from the backup the .frm files associated with InnoDB tables that were not backed up.


Read and learn following resource where the same issue was solved…




https://www.repairtoolbox.com/mysqlrepair.html Repair Toolbox for MySQL

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Data corruption is just like nightmare. It is the worst experience for the DBA’s when they find their important data inaccessible. Lots of reasons are there to get your file to corrupt. However ways are also available to repair the corrupt mysql table. I would like to share with you of how to repair a corrupt mysql table when it gets corrupt. Just have a look on the below mentioned link and you will be able to know about how the fix the corruption issue.



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