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what cable to use display port ,hdmi,or dvi

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I have a Dell U3014 Ultra sharp monitor ,my question is i found a cable when i was chucking some stuff i believe it to be a display port cable ,As i have DVI conected at the moment from monitor to HD7950 GPU .

Can i conect display port from gpu to monitor,will i notice any difference visual difference ,anything that improve my dodgy vision is a pluss.

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Not really any advantage over DVI at standard resolutions except easier to insert connector and the fact it and HDMI also can carry audio (though DVI in some cases does too).


I believe DisplayPort and HDMI standards go above and beyond DVI for provisioning for the insanely high resolutions some monitors can now do but if you're just doing sub 2K resolutions there's probably not a lot of point changing.

Some monitors again are including speakers but I imagine that like most TVs they're crappy $5 quality types and you'd just be better off with a set of $30 Logitechs in the traditional way.

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