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Replacing a HHD in Raid1 ?

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Hi guys

I built my machine a few years back and cannot remember much about it.

I have 2x WD 2T HDD running in Raid 1. One of them is starting to play up and become very noisy. These HDD do not run my OS (win7) thats on my SDD drive.

I was wondering is it as easy as just pulling out the one playing up and popping a new one in there and my machine will work out the rest?

If not anybody know what I need to do to replace it ?

Any help would be very helpful




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Probably not quite that simple. There will be work at either/both the BIOS level and from the utlity that often gets installed and runs under your OS.

Likely you'll have to tell it to rebuild the mirror - I'm not sure that it's even smart enough to know which physical drive is original and which is new - in order to do so it'd either need to put some sort of signature on a sector or have unique details for each drive in the config data.

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Is it windows raid? Open disk manager and see if the volumes are red colour.

If not you'll see a raid config load on boot, with a key combination to access it. If so, post the type and version number.

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