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File & Printer Sharing Questions

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Is there a way to share a folder on Windows 10 so that anybody can fully access it (i.e. unrestricted access to reading or editing it's contents), without being asked to provide any login details? I believe that somewhere embedded in the settings is a way to disable password protection on sharing, but what I really want to do is to have one folder that is completely unrestricted, while still being able to have other folders that are only available to certain users.


I find that everytime I browse my network from another computer, when I click on the icon for my Windows 10 computer, I am immediately prompted to enter a username and password. Ideally, I would love to push back this login requirement until somebody actually tries to access a folder that is protected. But if this can't be done, I'd love to configure my PC so that it will grant the user access to this one particular "all access" folder regardless of what anybody types into the login screen.


If this can't be done in the traditional file sharing manner, is there a way to make this folder appear on my network as a network drive?


Also, does anyone know if there is a log made in Windows 7 of attempts by outside computers to try to access shared contents, and if so how this log can be accessed? I'm unable to browse my Windows 7 PC from my Windows 10 PC and I want to see what awareness and reactions, if any, the Windows 7 OS has had to my attempts to access it from the other PC.

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