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Poseidon z keyboard mouse

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Ok so might be a dumb question for some but if I don't ask I'm not going to know I can get a new Poseidon z keyboard for $80 brsnd new what mouse can I put with it I hate cables

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I have the poseidon Z; for a cheap keyboard its good.

They use Kailh switches, which arent as quality controlled as Cherry or even Rapoo's own ones; you can feel some keys are harder to press, but only in 'back to back testing', typing its unnoticable, gaming is fine, and its still WORLDS above any membrane keyboard; I would buy again.


I paired mine with a Logitech G602. I know I know, but hear me out.

First of all, its has a 500hz Polling Rate, so 4X faster than standard WIRED usb anyway; so dont even mention the 'wireless lag' theory.

It takes normal batteries; I buy the packs of 40 at bunnings for $8. One AA battery lasts me about a month on 'gaming mode' or if i flick the switch (back to 125hz polling) I get about 2~3 months.

Its light, and it can take ONE or TWO batteries if you like it heavier.

it has all the buttons I want, 6 on the side for my MOBA items, 2 extra on the top for on the fly DPI switching (for sniping etc) and it just feels natural.


Ive seen reviews similar to mine too; bnasically "Gaming wireless mouse? Yes, it finally exists"


I bought 3, with 2 still new in box in case this one ever breaks.

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Cool awesome info thanks heaps Master_Scythe

ive allways only bought the cheap logitech from woolies keyboards lol so i think this will be a huge improvement,even though im a snail on the mouse

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