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Considering going with iPrimus for a new Internet connection. Anyone had experience with them and if so what were they like?

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If this is for an NBN FTTP connection then avoid Iprimus, Optus and Telstra in particular.


Because last time I checked those three RSPs do not release any of the VOIP phone details even if you ask them, so you must use their supplied routers if you want a working phone service via the UNI-D ports.

These routers are generally pretty crap, and they have remote access enabled to allow the RSP to update and manage them whenever they want to.

There may be other RSPs out there that do the same that I haven't come across so worth trying to find out if you can use BYO routers and IP phones with their connections and still have a Fibre phone service.


I also know a couple of people with have FTTP NBN with Iprimus and get pretty nasty evening congestion with them, but this is Tassie where Bass Strait data transit is expensive so some RSPs and ISPs massively overcontend their backhaul to save costs.

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