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video lag on television sets a good thing?

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I was just thinking maybe video lag on television sets is a good thing as there will be lag with the audio because sound is a lot slower than light and maybe by the time you hear the sound you are seeing the picture that goes with it.

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2 or 3 fields lag on the big screen at the MCG might be desirable if you consider the delay of the sound reaching people 50+ metres away though I don't think they often have audio going with whatever's on display anyway.


When there is video lag on a TV it's usually due to internal processing delays. With the old analog transmissions, LCD TVs will blend adjacent fields as opposed to most older CRT TVs which just scan the picture a matter of milliseconds after received.


Regardless, any self-respecting piece of modern equipment will, if audio or video is delayed for whatever reason, buffer the other component such that when displayed they're in sync.

For the most part, a frame or 2 at 50 FPS discrepancy between A/V won't be easily discernable. It's when you get into the tenths of a second that things can become very apparent and annoying.


And there's some gear that allows changing the sync - this is to allow for playback streams that are inadvertantly poorly muxed and for external audio setups that either have inherant lag or speaker spacing such that delay occurs.

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