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Fallout 4 thread.

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Killed Swan kinda by accident, about level 15 I am a little deficient in combat skillz , pushed strength ,luck and intelligence.

Perception 4, Agility 4, Endurance 4 and Charisma 3 so.

Any way we are creeping out side the fence by the place where Swans pond is, really careful not to stir Swan up.


Some scavenger moving through the park start shooting at him, then Piper joins in , me I keep creeping along trying to avoid being crushed.

I creep in behind a bill board, and try to be very small, but he still senses me and come around, I am creeping backwards into a corner.


He has a swing and near one shot me but then he is in too close and the frame work, interferes with his movement, and I am .45 hardened combat rifle bullet spamming him in the face. several 20 round mags , he almost steeped back to get a swing at me but between me and Piper and the Tour bot he was shot to death, before he could swing at me again.


Man does he have a nice melee weapon on his body not sure why cause he don't use it, I am not playing a melee character but with strength up and other skills down the weapon has been a boon dealing with dogs and mole rats oh and base ball bat wielding trigger men ... down they go.

Name of it in spoilers.


Furious Power Fist



Have crept passed there many times in the course of several restarts, never before has an NPC just started brassing up Swan.

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Soooooo I've picked this up on PC now, although my PC is super old, game runs fine if not many buildings around. So have to tweak some more to get it running smoother in built up areas.

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