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Advice on VPN setup

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I am looking into using VPN service.
I am considering using CyberGhost but only want to pay for a plan that covers 1 device.
Originally I wanted to try and run it on my NAS where I run a torrent client, but I thought it might be good to try and set it up so it covers my entire network.
I have read that it isnt a great idea to run the VPN client directly on my router as the router would not be "fast / powerful" enough to handle it.

So I was thinking I could build my own router / linux box.. i remember many moons ago following a how to guide provided by atomic to build a linux firewall / gateway / router...
Sorry for sounding like such a goose, but it has been years since I have dabbled in anything *nix related.

one question though springs to mind, would it be possible to replace my ISP's provided router (I am on a fixed wireless NBN service) with a home made linux job that I could install the cyberghost VPN service on or would it be best to plug the supplied router into the linux gateway I try and build and then have that plugged into my switch?


I also remember many moons ago building a smoothwall box with 2 NICS in it that had similar setup with an ADSL connection.


Or am I just over cooking this?


Oh, reason I thought about the linux box was that I cant find out (or work out) how to install the cyberghost client on my shitty Thecus N2200 NAS.


Thanks for any info or advice.


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