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Malware removal and "Fixit" tool links - PLEASE READ

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Please be aware that 3rd party links WILL BE EDITED FROM POSTS at a moderator's discretion. If you are recommending software to assist in fixing problems, moderators WILL REVIEW all links and decide whether they are advertising or not.


Mods are only human too (mostly anyway), so if you believe your link was removed in error, please use the handy "report post" button at the bottom of the post and complain about it. Other (somewhat less human) mods will have another look and let you know. Then they'll slap the original mod (and enjoy doing it). :)


And if you are advertising crap don't bother - it will be removed. We like our playground all neat and tidy.

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Not forgetting the latest trick seems to be another level of indirection, e.g. a link to another forum or help site like FixYa (which in itself is just a junk site) which then has a first reply or best answer pointing to the malware host.

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Yeah, I saw that Rybags. :)


Yes, that will be removed too - at mods discretion.


We know you guys love and trust us, so we will be looking at all the tricks and removing them as they pop up.


Basically, we reserve the right to remove all third party links if we think they are being used in a way that is not to the benefit of our community or visitors.


All complaints can be sent to malwarerus@fu.com



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